Friday, May 25, 2012

Just an update...

Been a long time since I posted anything... I haven't been up to vast amounts of stuff. There have been a few books that I've read and I saw the Avengers recently. I really liked it and I am still fangirling over Captain America. I have also been writing. I reached 72 pages in a novel and I think I needed to focus primarily on the relationship of the two main characters for awhile and in doing so, it helped me develop (in notes) other elements of the story. So I am doing a re-write and added those elements while strengthening the plot and the relationship of the characters. It's been a very slow process since I've had a lot of back trouble and haven't been able to sit and focus.

I recently made a trip to the local library to get a new card since I think I might have disposed of my old one thinking that I would not live in this area again. That was really dumb but it was very easy to get a new card and everything up here is on a wonderful system. I can place a hold on any book I find that I want to read on the internet, they will e-mail me when it gets to my neighborhood library, and I can go pick it up. Also, I can make lists of books for research and what not, basically bookmarking them, and when I have read the ones I have now, I can put a hold on the ones that are bookmarked and then go pick those up. It's really neat!

I've also been playing Guildwars with my Dad some. I talked to my Mom over the gaming headset since my cell phone doesn't have service at my friend's house. Which was actually pretty cool. Tomorrow I am hoping to get out and take some pictures of the Sliver Valley to send to my parents since I doubt they will make it up here anytime soon, if ever. And I am going to meet an internet friend and her dogs and cats.