Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm so sick! Painted Skin, Fox spirit for the win, and Egg flower soup!

Skoora caught whatever it was that is going around her work and brought it home to me. So I am sick now. It is all the yucky stuffy noses, coughing and hacking up ick, sore throat, body aches (on top of the usual crap), and then there's the fever. I've been doing battle with a fever for the last couple of days and yesterday it was particularly bad. It's been 100+ and haven't been able to get it down very much. However I did awaken sweaty this morning which was a good thing but also kind of gross. But I'm starting to get really cold again so I'll have to go take my temp and take some more Ibuprofen.

Since I have been sick, I've wanted lots of soup. I haven't exactly gotten it although Skoora did take me to Dragon House on the way home from dropping a friend off. She bought me a quart of Egg Drop soup because that's all I really wanted. I decided that we needed to the store yesterday to pick up the ingredients so I could make a big pot of it myself... We did't get it made last night but it will be made today. Or so I have been told.

A couple of months ago I saw a movie called Painted Skin: The Resurrection and loved it! Yesterday I finally got Skoora to watch it with me. It's about a Fox spirit who is freed from a 500 year imprisonment in ice for the crime of saving human life. She seeks to become human before the ice reaches her and imprisons her again and come across a scarred Princess who is in love with one of er former guards. And that is all I am going to tell you, trust me it's a good movie, with romance, action, and mythological elements. The special effects are good, the make up is good. Oh and did I mention that it ends well? 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The craft bug is starting to take hold

There is some bug or another going around. One of Skoora's co-workers has been out sick for two weeks, (which anywhere else said co-worker would have already been fired). But it's not just her, another of Skoora's co-workers is sick as well and it seems that Skoora could very well have caught it too. Not cool! Not only do I not want to get sick but the two ladies who can cover for Skoora if she does fall ill pretty much bitch about having to do so, never mind that she covers for them all the time. For now, she's moping on the sofa with a cup of tea.

sweetheart neckline
I spent several days off and on in past weeks very lethargic and unable to focus on much of anything for very long. Most of that has to do with the chronic pain I deal with everyday and the rest is just from being human I suppose. Anyway, I happened across Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers and Skoora bought me the one shown above. I foresee a couple of embroidery projects coming in the near future, probably birthday presents. Which reminds me that I have blue skirt I need to finish the embroidery on. I also have a afghan I need to work on along with a couple of new crochet patterns to learn but I suspect that will take some time.

Not too long ago I became frustrated and said "fuck it, I'm just going to make some clothes that actually fit right". Of course I have to learn how to expand patterns and I have a few that I bought in the largest size when Joann crafts had a five patterns for five dollars kind of deal. My first project will be a halter top since Skoora thinks I look good in them and I really like the sweetheart neckline. I'm pear shaped, small shoulders and wide-ass hips, and well you know a ginormous badunkadunk doesn't help. Thank you Great Grandma Ester, your genetics have made clothes shopping really crappy since I was 13.

Today I had a coupon for Joann's crafts and decided that I needed to try and get out of the house for a little bit despite how much my back was hurting. For the last couple of days every time I turn around literally and figuratively, I've managed to hurt my back, something shifts, something snaps, it's really hard to describe, and for the instant it happens I'm flooded with pain and want to cry and vomit, and when the pain subsides a little I just feel exhausted. So, in effort to keep me from wallowing in bed all day, I forced myself out and used the coupon on a pad of scrap booking paper. I was able to get two yards of material for another shirt as well since fabric was 40% off but that's for another time. I really like this pad of paper, it's my favorite color, green, and I think I am really going to enjoy making cards and other little things with it. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Error please wait...

I read a really clever joke (it was in the for of a friend's status message on facebook) today that I am sure will offend someone, somewhere in the world but here goes. "Over slept this morning and now I am suffering from Chinese disease." When someone asked her what that was she replied, "Dragon-ass" LOL, get it? If you do have a shameless giggle, if not, well never mind.

I have been "Dragon-ass" all day. I awoke with a migraine, never fun, and my back was hurting a little more than usual. So I got up, took some medicine, and tried to get the day started.

I don't think I accomplished much of anything today. I managed to the valentine's cards made for Skoora, managed to go with her for a few short errands, and read some e-mails and bitch about how fucktarded the political powers that be are in Kansas, my home state. House Bill 2453 basically says that if you are a christian or of a religion that hates gays or anything not straight, you can refuse services to those people. I shit you not this is a real bill. Dumb-ass pig fuckers. Yes, I am really pissed off about this and not going to censor myself.

Anyway, other than that I haven't really been able to focus on anything for very long today. I've just kind of zoned out off and on. I am going to call it a night and head to bed. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some reading and writing done, some research for a couple of things, and no be pestered by Skoora's mom too much.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ewww, Galen is making weird noises, and my friends made a meme (?) of my kitty.

My friend (pseudo brother) Lucas made this lovely meme of our kitty, Ellie. She is one of the most unkempt girl cats I have ever known. She's  Persian, gets that icky eye snot that we have to clean up for her. She doesn't really bathe herself (but in her defense she doesn't have a face so I suppose it's harder for her), and she doesn't like us to trim her little claws or brush her. So we try to get as much done as we can, when she "allows" us to, which isn't very often. Like all cats, she loves to sunbathe and I finally got her attention long enough to snap a quick picture of her. Like always she looks terrible and slightly demonic.

The next kitty in the news for our house is Galen, the bitchy, grumpy, asshole. He is still coming up to me for pets but now when I scratch his back his general purr/growl has taken on a higher tone. It sounds like he's either trying to talk or meow in agony. But he always comes back for more, so I don't know if he's just bitching like always or if he's hurting. It is so weird and I'm really not quite sure what to make of it. Of course he is still being a bully to Yoda-chan, which isn't cool and I will never understand because they sleep beside each other often enough and Galen likes it when Yoda gives him baths. He was also very sad when Yoda had to stay at the vet for a couple of nights. *sigh* Cats.

My "Eww" is that I am hurting pretty bad today and I'm dealing with a migraine. I should lay down in bed and rest with some ice on my back and a cold rag on my head, but I have some things I need to try to get done i.e. a shower, helping with the laundry, and dinner. I've got some chicken thawed out so maybe balsamic chicken or curry chicken with veggies in place of jasmine rice. I just have to make sure that I have all the right spices.

Lastly, I really would like to work on my Young Adult story tonight for a little bit. I think I want to work a little more on the world building and  re-work some of the 1st chapter.  I have been struggling with which information to put in, is it too much or not enough, or should I deal with this part of it or just leave it out and wait until she has to explain things to another character. I don't know why this  one is giving me such a problem. New territory I suppose. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


My head is in chaos today. There are so many things swirling round and round, so many thoughts, bits of information, all mixed up with tangled emotions, and I can't seem to focus and settle on one particular thing. I had plans for the day, things I wanted to get accomplished such as making dinner, getting dressed, writing a blog for this weeks pagan blog project. I've been switching back and forth between different types of music, trying to find one that gets me in the mood per se to write. I've written down information in an attempt to gather it in a way that it easy for me to look at the notes and compile a cohesive article and yet, looking at my notes and the way I have written them, it just looks like chaos of ink scribbles on paper. 

I took a break and left the house even though I fought against it and bought a pack of cigarettes, my dirty little habit and one that I have been trying and struggling to release and not go back to. For me it is a very big hassle to smoke these days. I have to do it outside or in the car. I don't really like the smell or the dangers that come with it. But like a true addict, I enjoy it. There is something about sitting in my room, in front of the computer with a story open in Microsoft word, and a cigarette in my hand that I love. I used to sit like that in my room at my parents house, sometimes with a bottle of Sake on the shelf beside me, imbibing in and just enjoying the guilty pleasures while I worked words and characters and worlds on the document, listening to all kinds of music. It was peace. It was a weird sort of comfort. It was solace.

And now, that I have that out of my system, it's time for me to start dinner. Perhaps after I cook and everyone gets home and chatters away for a bit, I will settle down enough to write that blog and look at next weeks topic.