Friday, March 16, 2012

Early with an ounce of cat puke and other things.

Last night was a terrible night. I had trouble getting to sleep and then I awoke with awful heartburn and my hips, legs, and back were so bad I had to take a pain pill just to get some relief. Lately, I've been able to tolerate the pain better.  (of course now I am so tired I'm not sure I will be able to finish this, figures)

Well, it's morning now and I awoke feeling pretty good and much earlier than usual. I spent about twenty minutes getting harassed by both cats until I gave in and fed them. Not ten minutes later one of them puked in the hallway. I don't know what it is, not matter how little I put in their bowl, one of them over eats and we have a mess. Also, I'm about ready to kennel Galen. He keeps pooping in the dining room and there is no reason for it whatsoever.

In other news I've seen, heard, and read some really stupid things. Algae for fuel being one of them. Don't get me wrong, I would like happy polar bears and cleaner air as much as the next person, but Algae? Sounds like someone was smoking some when they came up with that idea. It sounds like another craptastic idea to throw money at, thus wasting it, only to see it fail. Look at all the wind farms that are dotting the landscape not doing  their job and thus just hanging out.

Even better, apparently carbon dioxide makes you fat, so saith Scientists. And not only does it make you fat but you help that along by all human activity, yes that includes exercising. Really?

Here's the thing that pisses me off about all this bullshit. Cigarettes are bad for you, okay, that I will buy. But it doesn't stop me from enjoying one now and then and I did love to smoke and write with a little cup of sake or plum wine. However, cigarette prices got to be so bad I just couldn't afford to keep up the habit and I got too much bullshit from others about my smoking. So now I smoke one every couple of days and it's a hurried affair, hardly enjoyed like it should be.

Now soda is bad for you. The price of soda is going up and has been for awhile. I love Coke a Cola, not Coke Zero, Coke. Apparently Pepsi and Coke are being forced to change their formulas as well. WTF?!

Gas prices are going up. Obama and his cohorts want to tell you and I that they can't help it and there is no quick fix to the problem. Um, yes there is, lower the fucking prices. You have the power to regulate every other aspect of our lives, (i.e birth control) why not fix the problem you are responsible for?  Gas prices effect food prices. Trying to feed a family of four is quickly becoming a nightmare.

All politics and other stupidity aside, things are not going well in our house. My girlfriend's mother has a gambling addiction. She calls gambling her 'therapy' instead of admitting that she has a problem and doesn't want to fix it. I get that she lost a lot due to her son and his monster-bitch of a wife, but gambling isn't going to make anything better. Therapy is supposed to be positive and make you feel better and encourage positive behaviors. Gambling, especially when she pulls $100 out of savings each time, is destructive and not only that it makes everyone else in the house really freaking nervous. Sometimes she wins it back and then some, but she also loses it too.

With that, while she was gone this week with her sister, my girlfriend and I were home with her father. I made dinner and we played contract rummy. My girlfriend mentioned to her father that she was really concerned, thinking that since he has vented to her several times about the gambling issue, he would understand. She also talked to him about how it was really unfair that she takes money out of savings for gambling but they won't take it out for groceries. I agreed with her on all points. Guess what that asshole did? He turned right around and told my girlfriend's mother about it and not only did he tell her but he said that I was the one to say it. So when the gf's mom got home, she cornered me and told me it wasn't any of my business.

Bullshit it's not my business. We pay rent, we pay the cable bill, and we buy groceries for this house. They even dictate how we spend some of our money. We don't have that much income to begin with and we sure as hell aren't able to save any. We aren't the ones with the gambling problem. And the gf's mother doesn't want us to go back to college for our educations, she wants us to go back so we can get grant and loan money and can pay more on the bills so she can have more play money. I've got some nasty, rude news for her. She won't see a dime of that money. I don't mind helping out and I don't mind paying some bills, but I will pay them myself and I am going to tell her that she is not to use one cent of my money for gambling.

"God forgive you, but I never can" A quote from Elizabeth the 1st fits pretty well for how I feel about my girlfriend's dad. He seriously betrayed our trust, especially mine. How would he like it if we told his wife that he wanted us up here so we would do things with his wife so he could stay at home and watch news all day? How would he like it if we told her all the things he's said to us about her that he's too chicken shit to say to her? He wouldn't and he's lucky that I'm not that kind of person.

Instead, I've decided that I'm not going to speak to them unless spoken too. And I told my girlfriend that as soon as we are able, we will be moving out of here. Neither of us can watch anything on TV even though we pay the cable bill. We can't get any peace and quite or be left alone to do anything. I can't even cook with out someone butting in and trying to change shit on me. I'm done. I'm so sick and tired of having to come into my bedroom and to have to sit on the bed, which hurts my back, to even post for my damned blog or update a status on facebook. So now it's a matter of finding which college the gf is going to for her masters, be it in Moscow or online, me enrolling, us saving up some money for some furniture, and getting the fuck out of here.


Monday, March 5, 2012

It's my birthday!

My birthday cake, picture drawn and colored by Amanda L.

Today I am feeling much better although I still have that shadow of a headache lingering in the background. I'm going to take some medicine for it in a minute just to keep it at bay. Also, I am waiting on a call from my parents, it's my birthday after all and they are half way across the States. I really miss them.

So far I am enjoying my birthday. This morning I fetched my laptop from the living room and brought it into the bedroom where I caught up on Cory's vlog. (I can't remember his last name but I really like him.) Cory is the creator of  Dude Like HELLA, SMP Films, and he also does The Mean Kitty Song and is the creator of the The Mean Kitty channels on I've also read my Dad's blog and watched a music vid of Florence + The Machine called Seven Devils. I actually heard the song on a trailor for Game of Thrones: Season 2 which you can also catch on Youtube. The new season looks really good and just as intense as the first. AHHH I wish I had HBO so I could watch it!

Anyway, we are planning to go to the KROC Center in a bit to do our morning River Walk/swim. I just have to wake the GF up first, which is always a challenge. Until then, as promised, I'm going to post some pics from my birthday party. 

The Fairy pond table with Nessy

                                                       The mural and flower decorations

Some of the Fairies I was given

Galen, in mid bath this morning

And this is Yoda, chilling in the hall way.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blurry eyes

I had my birthday party this weekend even though my birthday isn't until Monday, which is only a few hours away. We had some friends up from Moscow and one from here in town whom we hadn't seen in a couple of year. The theme was fantasy and my gf drew me a really cute picture for my cake. I'll post that later. There were games played, movies watched, and we made fairy jars. I think most of the jars were left but we'll wash them out and reuse them a little later for something else.

All in all it was really fun and I am really glad everyone could make it. I wish my parents and some of my family and friends could have made it but really, they are 1,500 miles away, and with everyone being so broke, there just wasn't any way. That's okay, I'll see them next month sometime.

Today hasn't been the best of day however. I've had a head ache all day, my back's been acting up, and my eyes are really blurry. I don't know what's going on with my eyes, if I haven't been getting enough sleep or it just really is time for me to get new glasses. Either way it's really annoying and not helping my head ache.
But I am off to bed since I have a busy day tomorrow.