Saturday, October 22, 2016

Witches in Fiction 2016: Narcisa the Witches Wonder Cat

Narcisa, the Witches  Wonder Cat Does a Spell © Hannah Richardson a.k.a Kohana Moonleaf

One day, not so long ago, a feisty, little black cat lay curled up on an ottoman pretending to be asleep. It might have be any other afternoon with her witchy owners cuddled behind her on the sofa, if not for the squawking coming from the TV. Tension stirred and filled the air, and the little black cat feigned a change in position to see what seemed to be upsetting her witches. As she rose, lazily stretched, and did a slow circle, before settling back down, she took note of an orange-hued man sniffing and pursing his lips like a duck between his words.

“Stacie said she’d move to Canada if he gets elected,” one of the witches said.
The other witch sighed long and heavy. 

“What scares me is that there are actually people who…” she paused as the man blamed the blonde woman on the TV for something. Both the cat’s witches were quiet for quite some time, but like them, the little black cat listened. She listened and took note of how angry sounding, how mean, and how utterly ridiculous this man sounded. She listened to her witches’ discussion and knew their fears weren’t unsound.

“Good night, Narcisa,” the witches sang out as they snuggled down in their bed.
Narcisa, the little black cat, trotted in to take her place in her own bed, as she did every night, just so nothing was out of the ordinary. But, she would not take her customary nap before heading out to hunt. No, this night she had work to do.

When the snores of her beloved witches could be heard and both of them lay still, the little black cat crept from her bed, out of the bedroom, and down the darken hallway to the spell room. Along the way her foot brushed one of her belled toys and it rolled down the hall. The jingle was so loud she was sure one of the witches would wake, but neither stirred. Relieved, she continued into the spell room and gently closed the door behind her. For a moment Narcisa fumbled around in the dark until she found her pointy hat, wand, and cloak. These things were important for her work and had been a present from her witches at Yule time. She’d pretended not to care about them, but the soft green velvet felt luxurious to her paws, and the purple feather in her hat was just the perfect size and fun to bat at when she felt frisky.

“Illuminae,” she whispered and flicked her wand. Gently, the candles flickered to life and illuminated the room in a soft glow. Light shinned on jars, big and small, with various ingredients, categorized alphabetically on one shelf, books on another. Herbs and flowers hung from the ceiling in different states of drying. Crystals lay on the windowsill soaking up moon energy right next to a bottle of water. In the middle of the room a large work table stood and on it sat a cup of pens, a lap top, and a note book.

Narcisa Leapt a top the table, picked her pen, opened the note book and quickly got to work. After an hour, she opened the lap top and did a search on the internet and printed what she needed. Next she gathered her ingredients and began.

Over a photo of the world she sprinkled sea salt, sage, and lavender. “Orange man with bad tan, vulgar with words and thoughts, Universe cure us of this man’s wicked, cruel plots.” She moved to the next picture, a picture of the Orange-hued man and sprinkled chamomile. “Universe take this man and soothe his troubled heart.” She picked up her wand, tapped both pictures, and watched the herbs sink in and become one with the paper.

Carefully, Narcisa tucked the evidence of her spell work away, and cleaned up her mess. She removed her hat and cloak, folded them, and put them away next to her wand, after blowing out all the candles. Then, just as quietly as she’d come, she slipped from the spell room and trotted back into the bedroom where her witches slept.

Three days later the witches sat on the sofa and the little black cat on her spot on the ottoman. The orange-hued man was back on the TV, this time his squawking not so intense. Narcisa’s ear twitched as the man apologized to everyone he’d offended and told the nation that he was dropping out of the race. More importantly he spoke of his newly sincere devotion to the needy and how he was giving half his fortune to aid programs. He wanted to devote his time and energy to national humanitarian work, to make things happen, because he realized that it truly wouldn’t take much for him to be in a poor or disabled person’s place.

While the witches gasped and speculated a publicity stunt, Narcisa, the witches wonder cat, knew it wasn’t because sometimes, it only takes a little of the right kind of magic to spell a little healing. 

*** Author's Note***
I apologize for the tardiness and choppiness of this story. I had a little trouble trying to decide what I was writing and had a rather busy weekend to boot! Be that as it may, I hope you enjoyed it. *hugs*

Please stop by to thank our host, Magaly Guerrero, and read the other participants' stories for this year. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Late night Haunted Humpday

It is Haunted Humpday again and a few days ago I found this lovely hand painted glass and the skull candles below in my mail box. It was sent from a sweet lady in West Virginia for the Halloween swap. I LOVE THEM! Her paint work is amazing and my stupid camera phone doesn't do it justice. I love her use of perspective too!

Here is a photo of the back side.

These weren't the only things we received in the mail. Amanda placed an order on Amazon for a Spirit board, my vampire fangs, and some white foundation and pressed powder. 

She has a thing for circles and spirals and well, skulls, so I think she picked the perfect board. 

These fangs from Scarecrow have a putty that will harden so I can have a custom fit. Which means they won't fall out of my mouth. I am so freaking excited to have a set of these again. I had some once before, but they got lost in one of our moves. 

My foundation is by Stargazer and the test I did on my hand gave me two answers. First, I am not allergic to it and didn't get a chemical burn. And secondly, it is light, it is smooth, and it doesn't have a smell that is going to drive me nuts or make me sick after awhile. In fact, so far, I really love it. 

The two things above are pretties a friend gave me. The skulls are for our early Halloween party and the spiderweb and spiders are a die cut wood garland that I can paint and hang up. She actually got me two of those. I will probably leave the spiders off, because I don't like them. 

This last photo is a bag I made. I had Amanda draw a bat on the fabric when my embroidery template couldn't be seen through it enough to trace. I drew on the lettering and then went to work. When I was finished, I sewed up the sides, put in a hem and draw string section at the top and slipped in some ribbon to cinch it shut. I did it all by hand, sewing included. Dragging out the sewing machine fora  five minute job after the weekend I had, just didn't seem like something really wanted to do... I finished this either Sat or Sunday evening. Anyway, it does in fact have my little gemstones inside. 

Well, that's it for this week's Haunted Humpday. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weather maps, sitting in the dark, crafty things

I've only seen the XXXholic movie so I don't know much about the show or manga, anyway, I adored the little drinking buddy and bought myself a plush of him before I got with Amanda. He's been hanging out in the living room lately. Today, mostly in effort to keep Narcisa from stealing my hair bows, I put the on the drinking buddy's ears. Not only does he look adorable, but he's expressing his inner Goth. I found the hair bows at Walmart of all places, in the Halloween section. I will introduce them properly in my Haunted Humpday post tomorrow because I have another set and a couple of other fun goodies to share. For now think of this picture as a preview. 

Today I am sitting in the dark- well sort of. I have the patio door open so I can enjoy the nice 47 degree, cloudy weather, and have the side table lamp on long enough for me to write this post. As soon as I am finished, I will turn it off. Since I awoke to a beautiful, gloomy day, I checked the weather app on my computer. I love this app because I can look at the weather in my "favorite" places too. So, I look at weather in different parts of the United States, Japan, Europe, and some times I just sit and look at the structure of the coast lines. I know its weird, but I like maps and I like watching the flow and progression of weather. I'm sure most of my friends would groan, but I have been itching for snow. I get it, we are getting older and colder weather, fronts, and rain makes the bones and joints ache, but snow is amazing and so is rain!

Crafty things! I have a felt project I am either doing today or tomorrow. I saw it on pinterest and when I showed it to Amanda, she liked it so much she thinks we need to do a lot. Good thing felt is cheap. My friend Rachel brought me a craft project last night, it is die cut wood that I can paint and string up as garland. She brought me some other little things too, but I am saving them for tomorrow.

I ganked this twisted pixies' instagram page. Twisted pixies makes pretty gothic jewelry and often has interesting little quote pics like this. I thought this one was fitting in light of how I have been feeling lately and because some of my friends have a similar struggles in their lives. Certainly it is a different perspective and kind of an uplifting one, although I'm not saying we are damaged, but if anyone feels broken or damaged, well, it says it for itself. 

I am feeling a little better. Thank you to everyone who commented and to those who didn't but sent encouragement and support via other means. All of it is greatly appreciated and I'm sending my own hugs, support, and love back to you. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cleaning Castle Nacht, enjoying the quiet and the kitty, grieving

Today, we are cleaning Castle Nacht, a.k.a- the house. Its not truly that bad. It just need to be picked up and dusted, some things moved around, and vacuumed and swept. I need to do a little food prep for the week and get a soup started in the crock pot. A load of laundry is has already been put in the wash and is ready to be dried and another put in the wash. 

I did not sleep well last night. In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night to bloody mess in the bed, which sucks because we had just put clean sheets on the bed before going to bed. Gee, thanks PCOS. I cleaned up as much as I could and tried to get Amanda up, but she said it was fine until today. In other words, she was too out of it to want to get up and deal with changing the sheets again. I can't blame her, she had to be up at 4 this morning to go to work. I will be dealing with that shortly. 

This morning I was pestered awake and then stalked by Narcisa. She was out of food so I fed her, grabbed a granola bar for myself and plopped down on the sofa. Apparently she still wanted my attention because she came over shortly after breakfast. She's been back a couple of times, going between me and the patio window. 

The house has been nice and quiet all morning and I am enjoying it. I did talk to my friend Felicia for a little bit. She's having it rough since having her baby a little over a week ago. She had to do a  C-Section because there were some complications and now, it seems that her beautiful baby girl may have to have stomach surgery. I really hope if she does, everything goes perfectly. I finally met and got to hold the baby yesterday and I already adore her and want to spoil her. Of course I want to spoil her older siblings too and miss seeing them every day. 

No matter how many people tell me it is okay to apply for disability, that I do deserve it because I do need it, that I am just having a hiccup, its still killing me inside. I am so angry with my body and I don't want to be. I am so tried of fighting and never getting anywhere. I feel like a soul-sucking-energy-draining-mood-killing black ball when I am around other people. I feel tolerated  and I know that isn't true. I know its my inner depression and anxiety demons whispering in my ear. I know it isn't true because I am still so floored when people want to spend time with me. I don't know. I'm tired and grieving the physical life I used to have, the confidence that doesn't exist anymore, the fearlessness. I don't know how to fix me and all I want to do is hide until I can be and give something of value. Because right now, aside from being with Amanda and keeping house and cooking food, I don't see a future for myself and I am afraid that I am just doing to drag everyone around me down with me. I don't want to and I am so sorry if I am putting extra stress on anyone.  


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween shopping, memory malfunction, and body fails.

I found this gem on pinterest when I searched for vampire art. It is beautiful, I adore that she's feeding a bat.
Today was the day that we planned to actually celebrate our anniversary and I woke up in pain, having a fibromyalgia flare up something awful. I wasn't going to let it ruin my day, so I got dressed and watched Amanda pay bills. We went to Taco Bell for brunch. After that, things went very wonky, at least for me. I am going to break this up in terms of places we went today.

Winco. We did the bulk of our grocery shopping at this store and I knew I was pushing it by the time we left the produce section- which is the first part of the store we hit. I hung in there for the meat section and the dairy section, but when we arrived in the middle isles, I was kind of foggy-brained and beginning to sweat, not because I was hot mind you, but because I was in pain. I told Amanda before we made it to the check out counter that I was going to need a scooter in Wal-Mart. I actually began to get a bit short and frustrated because she seemed a bit sluggish, I needed to get out to the car, and there was a woman behind us who just didn't seem to want to get out of my way at first so I could line the cart up next to Amanda while she bagged our groceries, and then she took bags and went up the line because she didn't want to have to wait on people with larger amounts of groceries. On one hand I get it, but on the other, she was driving me nuts.

The Post Office. I finally, finally had the money to send off a gift to someone. I got the box, got in line, was handed a shipping label, filled out the recipients address and when it came to mine I knew everything except the numbers of the street address. I panicked. I panicked so bad that I didn't realize that I could have just opened my wallet and looked at my driver's license. I panicked so bad that I just slapped the only numbers I could think of, hoped they were right, realized that I had forgotten Amanda's card, and had to run out to the car to get it. It got sent though.

Walmart. When we arrived at Walmart, I was still a little freaked from the post office and didn't know how much longer, physically I was going to make it for the day. To my dismay all the scooter carts were being used. So, I told myself that I WOULD make it no matter how much pain I was in. I tried to go as fast as I could through the store. We got a few Halloween goodies, picked up some allergy meds, stopped in the craft section so I could grab some felt, then went to the pet isles to get Narcisa some food. Then we hit the baby isles to get a few things for a baby shower gift for tomorrow. When we left that part of the store to finish up the food shopping we needed to do, I was trying not to panic from pain, scream, and cry. I told Amanda that I needed her to find a scooter. She was going to do it but I said never mind, I could do it and took a breath to push on. Thankfully we didn't need much and I sent her to the candy isle to grab some for us to have little treats here and there. I was shaking and I knew I was fast approaching pass out point. So, we booked it to stand in line.

Car ride. The ride home was awful. We don't live too far from any of the places we went today. It;s maybe a ten minute drive from our house to Wal-mart, depending on traffic, but it felt longer than that. On top of everything, my back seized up in the car, and it was so bad that I instantly began ugly crying and panicking. I had to sit just so or the pain grew worse. 

Home. When we got home, Amanda shouldered all the groceries while I came inside. I told her if she gave me a little bit, I would happily put the groceries away. I think she told me to take my time but, I honestly don't remember. What I do remember is that I sat and looked at some of our mail and then, in her rolling desk chair, scooted over to put groceries away. I didn't have the 'spoons' to do my usual food prep and honestly, tomorrow isn't looking that great either. I am thinking Sunday may have to be the day for it. I also have to make bread and our lunches for the week. 

This evening we had a study group call with some friends. A couple had to come over because of technical malfunctions and they stayed for a little bit afterward. We talked books, writing, SCA, and I think we might do a small NaNoWriMo write in together. I need to talk to Amanda about it. 

In summation, as much as today sucked for me pain and panic wise, as much as I wanted to scream and punch something, I still had good moments. I still had fun with friends and with Amanda. I think if not for those things, if not for Narcisa's antics, it would have been a no good, horrible, very bad day. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Haunted Humpday

The other night our friend Rachel came over and we put her idea to put my empty gallon pickle jars to use. I have a pickle addiction, but hey it is better than smoking and its a nice 0 calorie snack. (I am currently out and very sad about it.) We made luminaries. 

For mine, I had Amanda draw some bats out on black card stock. I already had a silhouette of a witch, you can find free ones on google. Anyway, I put down a layer of slightly watered down modge podge and tissue paper. Then I laid down the bats and witch after cutting them out, and put down another layer of tissue paper atop them to help lock them into place. I made two other jars, one with parts of a coloring page I had been coloring and then other with netting and stickers, the latter of which is below. 

Rachel did a lovely tree, graveyard, and fence on hers, which I didn't get a picture of. But I did get a picture of Amanda's- which I thought I hadn't when I was telling a friend about it this morning. Turns out I did, yay!

Amanda likes H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu and Octopi, so naturally she went with something along those lines. Meet Cthulhu. But it gets better...

He's going to eat the people of Seattle. 

At the moment that is all from the craft-o-sphere. It looks like only three of our pumpkins were good We've got them sitting on our patio for a little sun, to help two of them finish turning orange. Apart from that, I am saving some stories for next week.

However, we have watched two crappy Vampire movies and not too long ago, we watched Conjuring 2.
Neither of the vampire movies were very good, I can't even remember there names. While one was on netflix and the other on Amazon prime, I think both were independant- which is sad because sometimes independent films can be really good. One was supposed to have been campy but ended up just being boring and an excuse for sex. the other had plot holes, was a little difficult to follow in some places, and whatever campiness they were going for, failed. 

The Conjuring 2

I loved this movie. I really enjoyed the first one and I liked Annabelle. I don't know which I would say is better, I think all three each have equal footing. There's some foreshadowing in the beginning that I picked up on that Amanda missed, its so subtle and artfully done. I remember being a little confused and then when something is revealed, I was like, that's was awesome ad very well done. I don't want to spoil the fun of it though, so I'm not going to say what it is. 

That's all for this week!

Two blogs, well crap, and construction

**edit- So I took a screen shot of the invite and forgot that the world doesn't think LaFantasie is a real last name- only it is- its french! LOL.

Today is Amanda's and my 9 year anniversary of being together. Next year, on our 10th, we'll be getting married. Here is the save the date announcement. I figured that since I don't have everyone's mailing address, it might be easier and more time and cost effective to just put it up on here. 

I am doing two blogs today, because I want to.

This morning I had to take Amanda to work. I always give her a little grief about it, but I don't really mind. I like driving. What I don't like are other drivers who are rude and I really don't like rush hour. I had prepared myself for rush hour this morning and since it is a gloomy, cold, and rainy day (which delights me to no end) I was prepared for people to be extra dumb. There are three areas where I-90 seems to bottle neck during rush hour but this morning traffic was so backed up, that I was forced to get off the high way half way to Amanda's work, else she was going to half an hour later. Yes, there was an accident, but it was on the other side of the high way.  

Now, since I had to get off the high way and deal with more stop and go traffic with traffic lights and pedestrians, that also meant that I had to deal with more than the recently normal construction downtown. I suppose I shouldn't say recent construction since it's been going on since spring. I was fussing about it and Amanda said they were just going to patch it up for winter and then start on it again next summer. WHAT?! Apparently the contractor in charge was brought up before the City Council because it shouldn't be taking so long to fix the roads downtown and because it is, local businesses are suffering. This guy has quite literally got his crew spread out all over downtown and a good majority of the streets are torn up and get so congested that it makes getting anywhere down there very difficult, not to mention that parking is even more of a bitch than normal. anyway said contractor said this wouldn't have been a problem had they not come across things they weren't expecting, which I guess a lot of people have called bullshit on, because the entire city has been mapped out and and has records and yada yada since the beginning. It boils down to he didn't plan effectively, spread his workers out too wide and thin, and will be making a profit off it. 

On to other things. Part of my depressing and anxiety issues as of late have stemmed from Amanda and I going rounds with each other concerning me and applying for disability again. She wants me to. She thinks I need it. For me it is spirit crushing. For me it means everything I've been trying to do, meant nothing and I could go into more detail, but I won't. I've lost too much and was finally starting to gain some of myself back and I'm terrified I'm going to lose it all over again. But I talked to my therapist yesterday and she tried to convince me that I do deserve disability (which I find hard to swallow because I don't feel I deserve anything), that I'm not giving up, and so on. That's what everyone says and I want to believe them, but it feels so awful. Anyway, I told Amanda that I would do it and apparently my therapist thinks that I would get it, she said she would back me, that she has enough to help me. Which, of course makes me worried because I thought I was getting better. Maybe not. 

Happier things! Because Amanda worked today but has time off tomorrow and doesn't get paid until after midnight anyway, we have some fun planned for tomorrow. I've been so excited for it. We are finally getting to go to Greenbluff. We are also going to do some shopping for Halloween things and do some grocery shopping. I need to replenish not only some of our food stores but some Halloween stores, and find a baby shower present for my friend. She had a girl and while I know she needs diapers and will get some, I want to get something else too.