Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finally, relaxed in the music

Despite the nasty Blue Cheese Hamburger I had for lunch (I was supposed to have something a different one my the burgers somehow got mixed up by the GF's Dad after he took them from the oven), I am decently relaxed and this is the first time since before my uncle died 3 weeks ago. Even though my back is really hurting today, I'm actually able to just sit and focus and I even have stuff I still have yet to do. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I was able to sit and really listen to a little music today and it was something that didn't make me cringe.  

Oomph! is playing on Pandora. Actually I created an Oomph! station on Pandora along with many other stations and thankfully this one hasn't disappointed. I've just about thrown the towel in with local and mainstream radio because they just don't have what I want/ need and a lot of what is on the air sounds the same in one fashion or another. Admit it, you've thought the same.

A few years ago I stumbled upon a station called R1 Das Darkwave and it aired on Winamp radio. It had Gothic rock, Industrial, Darkwave, Metal, and a few other generes that all seemed to make this perfect mix of ear-orgasm-inducing happiness for me. (I didn't like/love everything but most of it I did.) They were only on the air for ten years I was fortunate to catch the last three. I actually cried when I learned they had ended. R1 listed some similar stations but you know when you get something so perfect the substitutes just don't quite compare? I tried those other stations but it just wasn't the same.

I had been listening to, and still do, to Radio Rivendell which plays fantasy soundtracks. It's good music to write to. I also have a traditional Chinese music station on Winamp. So at least I still had that but for a year or so I just didn't really have a radio station to call home and wouldn't you know it, some of the songs I had written down as loving I couldn't find on Youtube. Go figure.

Now, Pandora isn't the same as my beloved R1 Das Darkwave, but it is close enough. I actually have a couple of stations built to try and fill the painful hole R1 left behind. And Pandora throws in some strange stuff on me which has led to other interesting station builds.

Here's a link if anyone is interested in learning more about Oomph! They really are a good band. A lot of their stuff is close enough to some of mainstream rock and yet different enough that people who aren't into mainstream will like them too.
Oomph! Info

Oomph! Website

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Frustrated geek.

(Lennier from Babylon 5- my favorite character also played Will Robinson in the original Lost in Space)

I've had two epiphanies tonight/this morning one being that I really haven't been blogging much at all. The second was while I was posting a pic of one of my cats on facebook. I recently watched A Tale of Two Cities  
And my stupid cat had an expression that Chris Sarandon, the guy above, shows whilst playing the Sydney Carton character. Anyway, I was trying to describe which rendition the movie was and linked the guy with Alice Krige, the woman above, who played the Borg Queen in the movie 'Star Trek: First Contact' and she also played the mother of Paul Atredies in Children of Dune, I could list some other films she's been in *ehm* Silent Hill. The point is, I got miffed because the only person I know in real life and on the internet who could possibly make the connections is my father and possibly my mother. And for some reason it really bothered me that no matter how 'geeky' my friends claim to be, they just don't quite reach me and I'm not nearly as 'geeky' as I should/ could be.

One of my cousins told me over the phone that she recently got a boyfriend and he 'appreciates her geekiness'. This was pertaining to the fact that she made a skirt out of material printed with a Starwars comic book design. The skirt is 'geeky', I'll give her that, but wearing it to see the Avengers is not. That's bad taste. And she's supposed to be getting a degree in fashion/costume design... Uh huh... Honey, you're kind of an air head but I love you still.

So I got to thinking about my 'geekiness' and how much of a geek I am and I'm a little sad. I've had to con a few people into taking my Magic the Gathering playing cards off my hand in the last couple of years because I have no one to play with. Dad and I were the only people I ever knew who played the Babylon 5 card game. I have Inuyasha cards but no one to play them with either. I don't know anyone besides my parents who even knew about the Terrace game from Star Trek: The Next Generation, bought it, and played, not to mention still has it. And I haven't even started with the shows and movies and that's just Scifi stuff, I haven't even really scratched the anime, and fantasy... I'm going to stop there because my brain is starting to run away from me in bizarre directions.

In the end, the very base point is: I am a sad sad panda bear who will dance for you if you give me a quarter but my sadness, today, comes from the fact that no one has a fucking idea what I am talking about *head desk*.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wanted to update sooner...

For several weeks I have thought about updating this blog but just haven't been motivated enough to do it. A lot has happened in my little corner of the world.

I've fallen in love with the library system in my area. I can access the catalog from anywhere and place a hold on books as well as bookmark titles I wish to peruse at a later date. Already I have checked out several that I have to renew and have several lists made for later reading. It is rather exciting.

Yoga-chan is having a little issue again. I really think he is allergic to something or has allergies qbecause my poor kitty is breaking out again.

My Uncle Chris died last week and it was quite a shock. He wasn't doing very well for a long time and he had been to the doctor the day before. I even spoke to him the day before and he sounded fine. But apparently he had congestive heart failure and didn't tell anyone. Figures, people in my family have this whole stigma about telling anyone anything so they don't worry everyone which only makes me fret even more because what haven't they told me?

There is more going on with my family but at the moment I don't really want to get into it.

My Dad is one mission away from beating Guildwars: Factions. We would have done it last night but my back was hurting and he doesn't have the plat saved up for his armor. Frankly I don't have as much as I would like either so we will have to do some serious farming to get our collective plat and gold up. It'll be fun plus my Dad is a tank and I... Well I am a nuker. I rain fire on beasties.

My friend Lucas tried to get me to play Skyrim the other day. I have some trouble with navigation but I bet if I got it for the PC I might do okay. I just have to get a different laptop.... That will happen just not anytime soon. I really don't think my current laptop could handle it. It couldn't handle Sims3. My laptops said, um... No. And then promptly crashed.

I have also made a Capitian America plushie. I have a basic pattern for plushies and since showing people my doll I have friends asking for custom plushies. That's really col but I don't have the funds to make any just yet so I will just make them as I can. I really want to make other things as well, like jewelery.

Well there is to much chatter in the room so I am going to call it good for now.
Ja ne!