Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello again, hello, just called to say hello... *facepalm* Had a very strange day.

Yes, the beginning of the title of this post are lyrics from a Neil Diamond song, why it's stuck in my head, I haven't the foggiest clue. I don't particularly like Neil Diamond but maybe that's just one more to add to the list of annoyances for the day. The reason for the explosion comes later.

Today I awoke like any other day and poked and prodded to wake up the GF. We had to go to the store for a little food and some cleaning supplies. As it turns out if I don't eat a little something in the mornings I'm rather cranky until I do. Also for some reason drinking water before I've had food in my stomach makes me nauseous. Don't know why but it does.

So, I managed to get the GF up and dressed. We had to check her bank account but our internet was down. Annoyance number one but easily worked around. We hit up a nearby ATM and found out that her check had finally posted and went to... where else Wal-Mart. Now I know a lot of people don't like Wal-Mart but I do, I can afford what they sell and come out with more than if I went anywhere else in town.

As per usual on a Saturday afternoon, there were a ton of people. Crowds generally tend to make me a little nervous and lots of people getting in my personal bubble bother me. Most annoyingly are those awkward moments when someone in front of you won't get the hell out of the way or make up their mind on what they want when all I want to do is get what I want and get out. So that was a little annoying. However, I saw I happened to see a local TV Station Journalist in the juice isle. I didn't say anything to her or acknowledge her, but it was cool seeing her in person.

Finally after getting out of the hellish store and fighting afternoon traffic in and around New Market Square, we got home, put away the groceries, and I finally got a load going in the dish washer. Then I made some snack food, something fast and simple, and conned the GF to participate in my problem solving homework. Basically I had to watch half a movie with a friend and use certain problem solving techniques to generate solutions/ideas or rather use ideas for several different endings. We watched the movie Black Swan. It is well worth the watch! I've followed Natalie Portman's movies for a couple of years now, she's one of my favorite actress's to watch, and this role was pretty awesome. She certainly took me for a ride. This movie will certainly be added to the list of movies for me to buy and add to my collection.

However, as good as the movie was and me getting my assignment done was, I got a call from my mother. Mom had a really annoying demand and I had to tell her no for today. There just wasn't any way that I could do it. I can take her another day but today was just bad timing.

So with the trip store, a growing head ache from new medication, being hassled by my mother, and knowing that I still had a house to clean, laundry to do, and more homework to be done, I got frustrated and did the one thing I hate doing, I cried. Ever just get to the point where you just need to? Well, that was me today and it annoyed me because I already had a head ache.

But my day was far from over and won't be for a good four or five hours. The best part is yet to come. As usual I go to my parent's house when the GF goes to work so I can do homework or play Guild Wars with Dad and not be home alone. My parent's set me to the store and on some errands for them. *head desk* And there were tons of people at the grocery store in their neighborhood!

I got the errands ran, ate dinner with my parent's, and talked with them for a little bit before my back started to hurt. Dad has a migraine so I doubt we will be playing Guild Wars tonight. So I came downstairs to get into a writing mood and reply to some e-mails. Mom wanted some green beans and here is where the explosion comes in. Mom and Dad's stove burner knobs are different from mine. Dad had dishes stacked up on the stove and me, just doing what I was asked, wasn't paying attention. I started cooking to green beans with a little butter and salt like Mom likes them and came in to wake up my lap top and then not one minute later... boom! Only it more like the sound of a plate hitting the floor. I thought maybe Mom's cat Felan had knocked something over. I went to investigate and found part of a plate on the floor. I looked at the stove and low and behold, I'd turned on the wrong burner, the beans weren't cooking, and there was a shattered plate all over the stove. I basically blew it up! Then my dumb-ass self went to pick up the piece on the floor and burned my fingers. Changed my mind about that quick.

Got everything cleaned up and taken care of, cooked the beans for mom, apologized to Dad for the plate, and now, I'm pretty worn out. I think I may end up watching something.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Wish I could go to an Alchemy College...

For the last couple of weeks (especially Monday of this week) I have looked very much like Col. Roy Mustang at crunch time. It isn't that I am spending my time playing and procrastinating then scrambling to get my work done as he quite often does. It was that I've had midterms and had a lot of reading and studying to do. And I've had labs every week with every class. It doesn't help matters when one of my text books, the for the class I really need, is poorly written. There are grammatical errors everywhere, it doesn't flow very well, and worst of all it is a little difficult to understand. If that wasn't bad enough the person who wrote the homework and tests, my teacher thinks, didn't read the book very well. And if that wasn't the worst of it, my teacher isn't very clear and trails off in mid-sentence quite frequently and doesn't explain things very well. Try to get him to and you might as well prepare yourself for spending the next ten minutes even more confused than the previous.

I am also none to thrilled that this teacher had the students grade the midterms because he's not very clear all the time on what the 'right' answer is as opposed to what he will accept and there is always confusion in the mix. Needless to say, I am not feeling so great about this class, where as in the other two I have A's.

We started refresher Geometry in my math/problem solving class tonight. Thankfully, I vaguely remembered enough of it to pick it up and do the in-class work. I did have to get a little help on a few problems but they were equations others had issues with and when we put our heads together, we got it all worked out.

With all this math and all the theory and learning terms and parts and programs, I found myself longing once again that I lived in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA). Or at least FMA rules applied here. Because instead of learning to repair computers, I could be dissecting transmutation circles and theories and come out a kick ass Alchemist! There are so many transmutation ideas I have personally that if only the rules in FMA applied here, I could come up with some really amazing things. I know I would certainly be in my own type of heaven.

But alas, FMA is a fantasy realm to which I am still fangirl. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to fangirl over it as much as I would like since college is a priority amongst other mundane things. I haven't really had time to read anything I would like or even to write. I have a new story idea that needs my attention as well as two RPs. I'm doing good to update facebook and reply to e-mails these days.

However, in July things should calm down a little more. The GF and I will be moving back in with my parents on account that I still haven't found a job, financial aid got eaten up by school (they do it weird), and I couldn't get any kind of assistance from the GOV. at all. No food stamps, no cash assistance, and nothing for health. No, the good old GOV that wants us all on welfare denied me any kind of help because, and get this, I am 'pursuing higher education'. I'm a full time student and went back to school because I couldn't find a job. Seems to me, just like with employers, a giant, lame assed cop out.
Well, at least if I am at my parents house again, I will be closer to help them out as I've needed to do.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Take a personality test? I really rather not...

Last night I had to take some personality tests in my Strategies class. I was not looking forward to them, I figured I didn't need a test to tell me that I am a grumpy, paranoid-hider, and there was that dreaded word 'test' that put me off as well. But I have a 100% in the class and skipping a class because I don't want to do something just isn't in my programing, so I went and took the damned tests.

It wasn't so bad, I learned some new things about myself, and was actually fascinated enough to take a few more when I got home from class.

My results were that I am:
Introvert- someone who likes to spend time alone. Meaning that big social gatherings can actually wear me out.

Sensing- someone who gathers information through their five senses, like concrete facts and details, have a great deal of common sense.

Feeler- someone who makes decisions based on what they feel is right and just, they are people pleasers, like to have harmony and value other’s opinions and feelings. This is me to a T! Seriously. Let me tell you something, sometimes it is exhausting. Also, just because I am feeler doesn't mean I'm going to let you walk all over me.

Judger- someone who is very orderly, must have a great deal of structure, good at setting goals, a person who seldom plays before they work. I grew up with the saying "First we work and then we play, it's always much more fun that way," and that's the truth.

At the end of that test they defined me as a Conservator: Someone who desires to be of service and minister to individual needs, very loyal. Interesting fact, Conservators only make up 13.8% of the population, but what population I'm sure as to what they are referring, the USA, those that took the test, or world population.

I also learned that I am a Verbal, Linguistic person meaning that I "Communicate well through language, likes to write, is good at spelling, great at telling stories, loves to read books". Well that was spot on!

But I also have these learning styles: Sensing, Visual, Reflective, and Sequential. That makes a lot of sense since I like everything to be step by step in the right order and hate jumping around, most of all in my writing- in that I am very linear.

I am also very much reflective, I may not answer someone right away because I am thinking. It's not because I am slow, it's because I really like to think about it. For instance, the night we had Fish bowl at 1740, I had a very difficult time because I needed to break away and think about the things we were talking about rather than pop out an answer and fumble and 'ramble".

Visual, we get the picture, I like pictures and remember pictures better, which is why I can remember people and what they were wearing. Which, in turn, brings me to sensing, and that's where I use all five senses to gather information.

I am Left Brain Dominate, meaning that I am more literal, orderly, and to the point. And good at understanding directions and anything that is explicit and logical. Also, I apparently can have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts, feel lost when things are not clear, and doubt anything that isn't stated and proven. (I sound like a Vulcan in this respect)

So, I suppose this is where I would say, if I don't talk much or seem standoff-ish sometimes, it's not because I don't like you or don't want to participate in conversation or activities, it's because I am all of the above. I wonder if being an only child has any impact on any of that... Must go research.