Wednesday, March 27, 2013


All day today I've felt like I had this mild pressure in my head. I thought it was just tension headache coming on, took some Advil, and then went about my business. But as the day wore on, it gradually became worse. I wouldn't exactly call it painful, it hurts just enough for me to pay attention but not enough that I feel like I need to take anything for it. 

Strangely, my skin is hot. Just my head, face, neck, and my shoulders. My skin used to head up now and then when I was younger, so much so that you could feel the heat coming off me if you held your hand about an inch or two away. And I never felt sick or like I had a fever. But today, I feel tender when I feel hot. Since I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I wonder if, at least the skin issue of this, is due to that. 

I've taken one Ibuprofen and have an Ice pack on my head. It's helping. However, the comment I received from Skoora's dad did not help. Skoora was being really nice and rubbing my head. Her Dad wanted us to put on a movie from our Instant Que on Netflix and we both asked him to hang on a minute. He got a little impatient and when I tried to explain, he said something really rude and mean. I know that I run a little on the raw side sometimes but when Skoora even jumps in and and tells him he's being an ass, mean, and rude, then I know it's not just me. 

Of course there is always something wrong with me, I have a herniated disk and fibromyalgia. I live with chronic pain everyday and even though I have pain meds to help combat it, they don't take all the pain away. Some days are worse than others. Some days all I want to do is stay in bed and be left alone but I manage to drag myself out of, try to be positive and helpful, and cook his damned dinner and pick up his house. I don't have to cook and clean, I do it because I live here and want to be helpful. And I never seem to get a break because I'm stuck entertaining his wife most of the time because he won't get out of his damned chair, stop watching the damned news, and do stuff with this wife.

And what the fuck?! I don't even complain to him about my back, in fact I rarely tell anyone how bad it gets. If I do say something, I try to only say it Skoora and quietly so I don't bother anyone else. So, I am a little pissed off and I think I am just going to go to bed.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Witch Blood and Vampire Academy: Frostbite

About a month ago, while I was waiting for Skoora to finish up at the library, I was poking around in the romance section and came across Witch Blood. I hadn't ever read a paranormal romance novel that dealt with Witches. I tend to read Vampire and Dragon paranormal romances. So I picked this up, not knowing it was the 2nd in a series, and brought it home.

Even though this is the 2nd in a series it stands alone just fine. I really liked the concept of how Witches came to be, how witches are attracted to each other, and so forth. I don't want to go into details or spoil it for anyone. However, it was a good book and I really want to read the rest in the series.
Unfortunately my library and the others in the library network only have the 2nd and 4th books in the series. Since I think that's a shame and really dumb, I've decided that I will speak to one of the librarians about it.

At the moment I am reading Frostbite, the 2nd in the Vampire Academy novels. I liked the first novel well enough and like a lot of the secondary characters. I didn't really like the main character but I think she grew on me a little in the first book. I'm not sure I like the writing style but the plot is good enough to keep me reading. Also, the first book is a fast read. I read it in two days and expect I will do the same with Frostbite.

I am curious to see what happens throughout the series and apparently there is going to be a movie made. According to IMDB it will be out in 2014. That should be interesting.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring is here!

Happy belated Ostara! I hope everyone had a great start to Spring. Nature had a very bizarre fit and decided to give us rain, snow, thunder and hail, sunshine, and a windstorm all in one day. Not only that but it was a such a strange cycle of each throughout the day.

Skoora and I spent Ostara with a friend down in the Sliver Valley. We had dinner with her and spent the evening chatting into the midnight hours. Yesterday we spent the day talking and we watched a fun movie but I ended up dozing through most of it. Happily, I got the chance to kidnap my friend and bring her up to spend the night at our house, which was nice for her as well since she isn't able to get out of the Sliver Valley very often. Unfortunately I have to take her home tonight.

That was this week.

Last weekend and the week and weekend before it, we spent going back and forth to Moscow. We spent some time with Skoora's cousin, Kat. We also spent some time with some friends and had a little joint birthday party for our friends who are twins and myself. It was a lot of driving, fun, and getting out. And I really over did it every day. It makes me so angry that I can't just get out and go shopping and walk around places with friends when they come to visit or we go to visit them. I always end up in so much pain I feel like I am either going to pass out or vomit or both. But I keep pushing and trudging along, hoping that things will get easier even though they never really do. Still, I just can't give in and give up.

I haven't done any crafts or made anything new as far as culinary items go. I do feel the urge to do many of those things and I think it has to do with the fact that its spring and we're getting warmer weather. I find that I want to go play out in the bit of woods near my house and clean it up from the hooligans who trash the area. Ooo and I really want to go sit out there on nice afternoons, listen to music, and write. But I will have to find a chair that I can sit in comfortably for a long period of time.

I haven't written much in the last couple of weeks since we've been busy. I will begin making a list of blogs that need to be written and then execute the list in the coming weeks. I have a whole back log of stuff that needs to go up for both of my blogs and even for the Detangled Writer's blog. I will also be working on my novel and the plots for a couple of other novels.

But for now, for today at least, I am going to have the dinner my friend is helping to make and then when Skoora gets off work, we have to take her home. After that, I'm going to play Guild Wars and watch a movie. Tomorrow, I'll probably be cleaning as much as I can and start decorating for Easter. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Foggy Brain

Yesterday my doctor's nurse called me and wanted to know if I would be comfortable upping the dosage of my Fibromyalgia medication. I said that I was and so I was instructed to take an extra pill in the morning. I am back to having a semi-foggy brain and being sleepy and sometimes lethargic. That doesn't really work for me as far as writing goes but I am going to try and fight through it and see what I can get accomplished.

As it stands, I don't have too many plans for writing today. I left off in a good place the last time I worked with my vampires so when I open the document and am ready to tackle them again, I'll just be able to pick up where I left off with no problem.

I've been feel a pull and tug to start working on one of my fantasy stories again. It's a little weird, when I work on that story I sometimes feel a tug to work on the vampires and vice versa. I suppose I am going to have to do what I used to do when I lived at home with my parents and have several documents, each of them different stories, open all the time. Or at least the notes pages.

I spoke with both my parents, one of my aunts, my grandparents, and my cousin Shi-chan today. It was really nice and I learned something interesting about an ex-abusive-troglodyte of Shi-chan's sister. Seems he'd gotten out of jail and was going to get pulled over by the police. He, of course, ran and drove through a private property fence, jumped out of the car and jumped into a sand pit that was full of water. So far they haven't been able to find his body. If he died in there (from drowning) then his body will resurface in a few days. If he made it out no one has heard or seen hide or hair of him. Honestly, I hope he died. It would be karma for all the horrible things he did to my cousin's daughter, to my cousin, and to my family.

On a lighter note, it's a really nice day today. I am planning to try to go for a walk after Skoora and I are finished at the library. There is a nice park near where we live that abuts the river. There are several little paths we can take to get to the water and I think it will be nice to sit for a few minutes and just watch the river flow by.

Well, I'm off to get a few letters written. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back from birthday trip

View from my hotel room
I went with the gf, her mother, and her aunt up to a casino north of where I live for my birthday. We did a little gambling, went swimming, sat in the dry sauna and the hot tub. I played Guildwars with my Dad and some people in my alliance while Skoora finished up her MFA homework. It was very relaxing and the only thing I felt any real pressure to do was decide what I wanted for dinner. 

However, I came back with something, a cold or bug of some kind. I feel terrible today! So what did I do? I went to the store and bought some 'make me feel better' treats. We bought strawberries, cheese, mini peppers, coffee creamer, pizza rolls, and grapes. We also picked up two scary movies from the Red Box, Sinister and Possession. 

Both movies were good, creepy, and I am happy to watch something a little lighter before bed. Not that Criminal Minds is any lighter but Skoora's mom snagged the TV remote before I could do much about it. I will probably vacate to the bedroom pretty soon. Since I want to be well before this weekend, I had better get some sleep. 

I can't remember what else I was going to write about... I am trying an experiment in cheese dying. I am trying to make green cheese for St. Patrick's day. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, if the cheese will be any good, or if everyone, including me, will turn noses up at it. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I have been very very bad or good, however you look at it.

My Lich costume
 I have been so terrible lately. I haven't worked on a story, novel, or any blog posts for Detangled Writers, Crimson's Crafts and Culinary, or even this one in the last couple of days.

Why? Because my Dad talked me into joining an alliance with a real go-get-er guild. They do Urgoz's Warren, Fissure of Woe, and lots of faction farming runs. (we are Kurzicks by the by). Dad and I have been in The Jade Quarry the last two days turning our imperial faction from battles into Kurzick faction.

So far between the two of us, We've pumped in a 800,000+ faction into the alliance. And in doing that, along with our allies, we are helping to keep a town and discount merchants and the like. It's really nice. Plus we get to play with and talk to some really nice people. They do some training and teaching, show what skill combinations work best for them, and frankly, they've got me wishing I had more level 20 characters of other professions to swap out and play with  with them.

I've been a little of wary of joining any alliances because most of the time when I am in towns and have local chat on, I don't like a lot of what is being said. I also used to be in a guild and alliance (after I left to make a guild with my Dad) with a couple who happen to be the brother and sister-in-law of my girlfriend. There's some bad blood between us on account of what they did to my girlfriend's parents, how they've treated us, and even me separately  but I'm not going to get into that, it's done and over with. And I have been a little hesitant of joining another alliance because that meant socializing with people I didn't know and I don't do that very well, actually have a phobia of it.  Most of the time people either piss me off or worry me.

My Dad and I.
Moving on, I guess I need to do some recruiting for my guild. I have Kat, but she's been busy with school. I thought I had another friend but the game she got for xmas didn't work and I don't think she is going to get another one and play, which is okay, it's no big deal especially since she is also in school and really trying to crack the whip on herself to write. So, I have been putting up recruiting messages on my facebook. So far, no one has taken me up on it. I was thinking of trying it on my google plus account, but I am a little hesitant to do so. Three people, I don't know have added me in the last two weeks with no messages, and as far as I can tell, one of those is people might be spam. I haven't added them in return. I feel bad about it, but until I get more info out of them, I'm not going to pretend we are friends and invite them into my little world.

So, I think Dad and I will have to talk about recruiting, the when and where, and maybe take lessons from the leader of the FaT guild.
That's a bunch of us playing in URgoz's Warren
Oh and before I shift gears away from Guild Wars, yesterday I was in The Jade Quarry and someone sent me a whisper in German. I think, because they had a German name, that they were, well German. And since my character name is German, well you get it. Anyway, I have no idea what they said and since I was away from my computer at the time and they were gone by the time I got back, I couldn't ask. And of course, I forgot to write it down to translate it in google translator or even ask a friend who is taking German. In the end, I thought it was really cute and was and still am really tickled. 

All right, sleep. Oh boy, sleeping has been interesting. I've been conking out pretty quickly and sleeping very hard. Still having some wild dreams thanks to the new meds, and waking up in the morning is rather interesting. I seem to find myself asking "What the hell was that dream about?" and also, "Will you make the sun go away, I want more sleep". That dreaded day star doesn't make me happy, especially when it's not hidden by clouds first thing in the morning. I am not a morning person. I am worse after the five to ten minute internal convincing that has to be done to make myself get up and out of bed. I just pretend to be cheerful or nonchalant toward my house mates while the truth is, I am mentally smacking them with frying pans, pouring hot coffee in their laps. Okay, I'm not that bad... wait, yes I am. Heh heh heh, guess you'll never know because I'll never tell.

My birthday is coming up. I will be spending it at a casino north of where I live, mostly for the swimming and the nice balcony I can sit on and watch the river. Yes, I'll do a little gambling, but I'm really not one much for it. I hardly ever win anything and if I do it's so little and I almost never walk away with more than I came with. I really just want to relax and finish the books I borrowed from the library. Okay, and yes, maybe even play Guild Wars for a little bit while I am there. 

On a side note, I am going to make a list of crafts I want to get done this spring and then have two days where I do nothing but write about them and then do a craft blog dump, but schedule them, so people aren't spammed with them. I also have to do the same for Detangled Writers and I have several I want to do for this one.