Friday, October 2, 2015

Creative October Day 2

Day Two

For day two of Creative October, I created a blog button, the photo of which is shown above. First I created the photo in, a free photo editing software program. Once it was finished, I went to photobucket, uploaded it, and grabbed the image link, not the direct link. Now, I had to look up a 'how to' tutorial and found this one to be very helpful, to create the actual button. From there it was easy peasy and just a matter of coming back to blogger, adding an HTML gadget, and inputting the new code I'd just made. 
I learned something new. 


  1. It's too cute! I don't know how to add blog buttons - is it just like adding a pic? I might use it for the graphic one of these times at least. <3

  2. that's wonderful Hannah!! it's so cute too!