Friday, April 29, 2011

Wish I could go to an Alchemy College...

For the last couple of weeks (especially Monday of this week) I have looked very much like Col. Roy Mustang at crunch time. It isn't that I am spending my time playing and procrastinating then scrambling to get my work done as he quite often does. It was that I've had midterms and had a lot of reading and studying to do. And I've had labs every week with every class. It doesn't help matters when one of my text books, the for the class I really need, is poorly written. There are grammatical errors everywhere, it doesn't flow very well, and worst of all it is a little difficult to understand. If that wasn't bad enough the person who wrote the homework and tests, my teacher thinks, didn't read the book very well. And if that wasn't the worst of it, my teacher isn't very clear and trails off in mid-sentence quite frequently and doesn't explain things very well. Try to get him to and you might as well prepare yourself for spending the next ten minutes even more confused than the previous.

I am also none to thrilled that this teacher had the students grade the midterms because he's not very clear all the time on what the 'right' answer is as opposed to what he will accept and there is always confusion in the mix. Needless to say, I am not feeling so great about this class, where as in the other two I have A's.

We started refresher Geometry in my math/problem solving class tonight. Thankfully, I vaguely remembered enough of it to pick it up and do the in-class work. I did have to get a little help on a few problems but they were equations others had issues with and when we put our heads together, we got it all worked out.

With all this math and all the theory and learning terms and parts and programs, I found myself longing once again that I lived in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA). Or at least FMA rules applied here. Because instead of learning to repair computers, I could be dissecting transmutation circles and theories and come out a kick ass Alchemist! There are so many transmutation ideas I have personally that if only the rules in FMA applied here, I could come up with some really amazing things. I know I would certainly be in my own type of heaven.

But alas, FMA is a fantasy realm to which I am still fangirl. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to fangirl over it as much as I would like since college is a priority amongst other mundane things. I haven't really had time to read anything I would like or even to write. I have a new story idea that needs my attention as well as two RPs. I'm doing good to update facebook and reply to e-mails these days.

However, in July things should calm down a little more. The GF and I will be moving back in with my parents on account that I still haven't found a job, financial aid got eaten up by school (they do it weird), and I couldn't get any kind of assistance from the GOV. at all. No food stamps, no cash assistance, and nothing for health. No, the good old GOV that wants us all on welfare denied me any kind of help because, and get this, I am 'pursuing higher education'. I'm a full time student and went back to school because I couldn't find a job. Seems to me, just like with employers, a giant, lame assed cop out.
Well, at least if I am at my parents house again, I will be closer to help them out as I've needed to do.

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