Friday, April 15, 2011

Take a personality test? I really rather not...

Last night I had to take some personality tests in my Strategies class. I was not looking forward to them, I figured I didn't need a test to tell me that I am a grumpy, paranoid-hider, and there was that dreaded word 'test' that put me off as well. But I have a 100% in the class and skipping a class because I don't want to do something just isn't in my programing, so I went and took the damned tests.

It wasn't so bad, I learned some new things about myself, and was actually fascinated enough to take a few more when I got home from class.

My results were that I am:
Introvert- someone who likes to spend time alone. Meaning that big social gatherings can actually wear me out.

Sensing- someone who gathers information through their five senses, like concrete facts and details, have a great deal of common sense.

Feeler- someone who makes decisions based on what they feel is right and just, they are people pleasers, like to have harmony and value other’s opinions and feelings. This is me to a T! Seriously. Let me tell you something, sometimes it is exhausting. Also, just because I am feeler doesn't mean I'm going to let you walk all over me.

Judger- someone who is very orderly, must have a great deal of structure, good at setting goals, a person who seldom plays before they work. I grew up with the saying "First we work and then we play, it's always much more fun that way," and that's the truth.

At the end of that test they defined me as a Conservator: Someone who desires to be of service and minister to individual needs, very loyal. Interesting fact, Conservators only make up 13.8% of the population, but what population I'm sure as to what they are referring, the USA, those that took the test, or world population.

I also learned that I am a Verbal, Linguistic person meaning that I "Communicate well through language, likes to write, is good at spelling, great at telling stories, loves to read books". Well that was spot on!

But I also have these learning styles: Sensing, Visual, Reflective, and Sequential. That makes a lot of sense since I like everything to be step by step in the right order and hate jumping around, most of all in my writing- in that I am very linear.

I am also very much reflective, I may not answer someone right away because I am thinking. It's not because I am slow, it's because I really like to think about it. For instance, the night we had Fish bowl at 1740, I had a very difficult time because I needed to break away and think about the things we were talking about rather than pop out an answer and fumble and 'ramble".

Visual, we get the picture, I like pictures and remember pictures better, which is why I can remember people and what they were wearing. Which, in turn, brings me to sensing, and that's where I use all five senses to gather information.

I am Left Brain Dominate, meaning that I am more literal, orderly, and to the point. And good at understanding directions and anything that is explicit and logical. Also, I apparently can have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts, feel lost when things are not clear, and doubt anything that isn't stated and proven. (I sound like a Vulcan in this respect)

So, I suppose this is where I would say, if I don't talk much or seem standoff-ish sometimes, it's not because I don't like you or don't want to participate in conversation or activities, it's because I am all of the above. I wonder if being an only child has any impact on any of that... Must go research.


  1. I'm that that was more enjoyable than you expected. :) If personality tests are written correctly, their purpose is to help you learn about yourself and be proud of your unique traits.