Thursday, February 9, 2012

Haven't brushed my hair in 4 days... I should be dead...

No, I'm not going for the dreadlocks look. I've showered and my hair is clean, I'm just too exhausted to care about brushing my hair, putting on make up, or doing much of anything.

The reason: my doctor put me on birth control to regulate my period since it was pretty much on going for well over a year. Only the birth control back fired, in my opinion. Not only did it affect my vision, which is now mildly blurry, it makes me nauseated, and I'm bleeding heavier than before and the cramps are debilitating. I've pretty much stained all of my pants and pajama bottoms and am having to seriously stain treat them. People are starting to suggest I wear depends or tampons and pads at the same time. And the best part of this, I stopped taking the medicine 4 days ago and things are just getting worse! I pretty much sleep off and on all day and night. Frankly, I shouldn't be alive.

All that aside, well, anything else I was going to write has left my brain in a mad dash because the gf's Dad is up and talking and I can't concentrate.  

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