Monday, January 30, 2012

At the casino again...

The Gf and I are at another casino over night again. This time we didn't come down with her aunt and her mother. Instead her mother called us down to bring her and the aunt some clothes and medicine because they were going to stay overnight. So we loaded up the MP3 player with two new albums we now own, packed a bag, and hit the road in a downpour. It took a little longer to get here due to the rain and it was just safer to drive a little slower but I didn't really mind.

Both Mom and aunt were happy to see us, grateful for the clothing and medicine, and while they lay down to rest, we walked down to the casino. We played an Alien game,  Alien vs. Predator game, Vampire's Embrace, some panda game, and finally a Starwars game. It was fun and we came out ahead.

When we got back to the room, we laid down since mom and aunt were apparently off in the casino. We ended up watching something on the Discovery or National Geographic channel on Yosemite National Park. I fell asleep at the end, figures. And then we watched something on automatons. Both programs were really fascinating! But I ended up sleeping again and awoke to Will and Grace just a little before Mom and Aunt returned to the room to lay down for an hour before breakfast.

So, here I am, trying to pass the time before we leave for breakfast. Looks like there is too much light for aunt to sleep so I'm going to sign off, get dressed, and head down to the restaurant after which I might go sit in the hot tub. Hopefully, I'll get home today before the storm is set to hit, get some more crafts done for friends, and get some much needed writing done.    

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