Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blurry eyes

I had my birthday party this weekend even though my birthday isn't until Monday, which is only a few hours away. We had some friends up from Moscow and one from here in town whom we hadn't seen in a couple of year. The theme was fantasy and my gf drew me a really cute picture for my cake. I'll post that later. There were games played, movies watched, and we made fairy jars. I think most of the jars were left but we'll wash them out and reuse them a little later for something else.

All in all it was really fun and I am really glad everyone could make it. I wish my parents and some of my family and friends could have made it but really, they are 1,500 miles away, and with everyone being so broke, there just wasn't any way. That's okay, I'll see them next month sometime.

Today hasn't been the best of day however. I've had a head ache all day, my back's been acting up, and my eyes are really blurry. I don't know what's going on with my eyes, if I haven't been getting enough sleep or it just really is time for me to get new glasses. Either way it's really annoying and not helping my head ache.
But I am off to bed since I have a busy day tomorrow. 

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