Monday, March 5, 2012

It's my birthday!

My birthday cake, picture drawn and colored by Amanda L.

Today I am feeling much better although I still have that shadow of a headache lingering in the background. I'm going to take some medicine for it in a minute just to keep it at bay. Also, I am waiting on a call from my parents, it's my birthday after all and they are half way across the States. I really miss them.

So far I am enjoying my birthday. This morning I fetched my laptop from the living room and brought it into the bedroom where I caught up on Cory's vlog. (I can't remember his last name but I really like him.) Cory is the creator of  Dude Like HELLA, SMP Films, and he also does The Mean Kitty Song and is the creator of the The Mean Kitty channels on I've also read my Dad's blog and watched a music vid of Florence + The Machine called Seven Devils. I actually heard the song on a trailor for Game of Thrones: Season 2 which you can also catch on Youtube. The new season looks really good and just as intense as the first. AHHH I wish I had HBO so I could watch it!

Anyway, we are planning to go to the KROC Center in a bit to do our morning River Walk/swim. I just have to wake the GF up first, which is always a challenge. Until then, as promised, I'm going to post some pics from my birthday party. 

The Fairy pond table with Nessy

                                                       The mural and flower decorations

Some of the Fairies I was given

Galen, in mid bath this morning

And this is Yoda, chilling in the hall way.

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