Sunday, February 17, 2013

What is this, dirt bike day?!

View out my patio door.

It is lovely it is here today. The clouds make me very happy and it's generally nice outside. I opened the patio door to bring some fresh air in the house. We have a large lot across the street from us that is for sale. There are trees and brush, someone has left some stuff and some people like to dump their unwanted crap there. Aside from the trash, it's a really nice lot except for today because every idiot in the area with a dirt bike is out there. I wouldn't mind it so much if I didn't have to hear it. There's just something nerve grating about the inconsistencies in motor rhythm. I don't rightly know how to explain it but to be sure it's fucking annoying. I can't even shut it out by closing the door. 

Next to said lot, there is a wooded area, kind of like a mini forest. It's the place Skoora and I love to drive through. Since it's so nice and provided that it isn't raining and my back isn't so bad tomorrow, I kind of want to go out and clean up our spot and maybe have lunch there or even dinner. I just really want to get out while it's nice. I'm tried of sitting in the house and only going somewhere when we have an errand to run. I love the library, don't get me wrong, I just want to do more than just go to the library all the time. I figure half an hour outside, away from the house, will be nice too. I'd go for ten minutes. 

As usual, I'm not making any progress in trying to get things done. Part of that is due to my back and today I have a migraine. I was going to take a shower when I woke up but I decided to have breakfast first. While I was eating I ended up with a very needy kitty on my lap. Yoda has been so clingy in the last couple of days. He follows me around the house, meows at me, and pretty much insists on being either right next to me or on me. It's really cute. But, I need to go take a shower.

The good news is, I have managed to get some pictures edited and will get some prints ordered soon. Aside from reading and writing, my next goal is to get the craft and culinary blog going again. 


  1. Sounds like the dirt bikers have cabin fever too! It's been ugly and snowing here the past two days. Tomorrow [Mon]is supposed to be over 40 but I'm betting the snow will be all slushy and unpleasant to go out in. I'm totally ready for spring. I'll be able to throw open my windows and keep them open. I'm sure the kitties will like that too.

    When it gets cold here the landlord cranks the heat up. I'm glad in a way because I stay warm but my GOD! The hot water pipes run over my head since I live in a converted basement and they suck the moisture out of the air. I have a pan of water right on top of them with a little eucalyptus oil in it and a humidifier running alot.

    I wish there were more effective ways to treat fibroymyalgia that didn't involve pills that make you tired. I hope it's temporary. I don't fully understand exactly what fibromyalgia is, really. I know my brother in law has it and a friend I knew in Florida has it. I've read up on it in the past but what I read must have been pretty vague to not remember a single thing about it. :-/

  2. We are getting some more snow up here too. We might get some more tonight and there's another storm system right behind it. My family and friends in Kansas are getting hit hard and my friends Lucas and Emma are snowed in at her mother's house so Lucas couldn't go to work today.

    Our house is really dry too. I was thinking of getting a humidifier but with four people the shower runs often enough that I think we are at least half better. Plus, I open the window a little at least once a day to pull in some of the moisture from our lately wet weather.

    I don't really understand it either and I have been doing some research on it. The consensus is that the nerves are doing something wonky and causing pain. I don't really like taking the pills either.