Monday, September 30, 2013

Christians trying to stop a New Age Festival.

I came across an article posted by the Inland Empire Pagan Guild on Facebook about Christians Vs. Pagans. One of the reasons I departed from Christianity was the level of hypocrisy and this article, which I will post a link to in a few, is one of the reasons why. For a religion that claims to be kind, loving, and forgiving it sure is proving to be the opposite. I don't think of religion in terms of a 'thing' but rather it's people. Don't get me wrong, I know not all Christians are assholes just like I know not all Pagans are saints, but damn it, I haven't met a Pagan who uses their religion to abuse people like these Christians are doing. 

Would it really be so bad to let these people have their festival? They aren't hurting anyone. They aren't trying to convert anyone. They just want to practice their beliefs and be left alone about it just like they leave the Christians alone to practice their beliefs. 

I just don't understand why it's so hard for people to leave others alone. Just because you believe something and your neighbor doesn't believe the same doesn't make them a bad person. You can share your beliefs with them but it is not your job to make sure that they change their minds or convert to your way of thinking. It also doesn't make them horrible or evil if they refuse either. And it certainly isn't your job to terrorize them or others who think and believe the way they do. If you do hurt, malign, or do any harm what so ever, then it is you who are the bad person, you who have become evil. Who would want to change to become like that?  


  1. Dear other Christians,
    Stop making us look bad.

    1. Right! -__- The best thing a person of any faith can do, is lead by example - kindness and patience and all that good stuff that makes humans get along - and extremist groups (Christian in this case, but any kind of extremist group) undo all of that and make the rest of the Christians and people in general just look so horrible ><!

  2. yeah, Jesus would surely facepalm if he read this article. Fact is, most pagan people i know behave more 'Christlike' than most Christians I know. And the list of Christians I know is growing thinner and thinner because I refuse to associate with such blatant hypocrites.