Friday, March 21, 2014

A sad day, a night out, and the cat's got his tongue out again.

Kitsune Guard is my Guild in Guild Wars
Galen, my grouchy kitty, has been so playful the last couple of days. It's really nice to see him play like a kitten again. Part of his playfulness includes sticking his tongue out, not sure why, but it's really cute. Yoda-Chan, my eldest kitty, is doing pretty well as well. He's staring at the computer with contempt, okay, now he's staring at me with stern expectation. Kind of like "Um, you're going to get off that stupid thing and pet me now". Well, no, I'm not, but I will give him cuddles later when I sit back to relax. I made my bedside table into a bed for him, not that he uses it much. Oh no, he wants to sleep on my face. *Sigh*

Yesterday was kind of an odd day. I got that lovely smack of depression full in the face. I'm not sure what triggered it though. Yes, I have severe depression and anxiety, but I think I do pretty well in stamping it down and trying to push on. Gods know I've been focusing on being in as good of a mood or be as positive as I can when I wake up in the morning. I started out okay yesterday but then, for some reason, it all kind of went down hill. I even got to the point where I didn't want to go donate plasma. So, I decided that not only was I going to my plasma donation appointment, but I was going to grab the gift card Skoora and I got from her parents for Christmas and go out for dinner.

I talked to Skoora about what was going on in the car while we were heading out to the plasma donation clinic. We didn't really get to go in depth but that was okay, I think I just needed to talk. We really haven't had the chance to talk or do much of anything together since before my birthday. We've had company, my birthday, the twins' birthday, she's been working, and she's been doing school work. We've also had a lot of health stuff going on with her Mom. It was time.

We went to Applebee's where I said "screw it" and ordered a drink. I rarely ever drink and most of the time when we go out because I am usually the driver. I also take pain meds and don't like to mix pain meds with alcohol. Anyway, I ordered one drink, which by the way not being an experienced drinker, I was shocked when I saw the bill. It was 8 dollars! 8 dollars! 8 dollars of tasty goodness! I want to learn how to make the Red Apple Sangria! Actually I want to learn how to make lots of drinks and do a bar party night with friends, at home of course. I don't want anyone trying to drive.

After and very yummy dinner at Applebee's Skoora took me to Wal-Mart to get the yarn I ran out of. I've been crocheting and watching Lost Girl on Netflix the last couple of days, just trying to relax and take things easy. Well, we were kind of silly at Wal-Mart. We called Skoora's Dad to tell him that we decided that Gin was made from Oompaloompas (because we were trying to figure out what it was made out of while we were at Applebee's and apparently our waitress even asked the entire staff to find out, no one could remember). It's actually made from barley (we learned that later when a friend texted us back, with the answer). Skoora also decided that it was a good idea scratch my butt while we were moving throughout the store. I growled at her and one of the employees got distracted and dropped stuff. She also tap-danced a little and another customer, an older guy, did a little dance move. It was really cute!

In the end, we came home and Skoora closed herself up in the bedroom to do some homework while I watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with her Mom. It was a pretty good movie. I really want to see the next movie to see what happens and as much as I really want to read the books, I think I will wait until I have seen all the movies. Or maybe I won't. I just have so much I have to read and I just got three more books for my birthday.

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