Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun stuff amidst some unpleasant news.

Okay, fun stuff first. My gf adores Kappa (a type of Japanese spirit or demon however you wish to interpret it). One afternoon while searing for possible new anime to watch (she knows how much I love anime and while she likes it, she doesn't watch very much of it and was looking for something that would suit us both) she stumbled upon Summer Days with Coo. It is an Japanese animated movie about a young boy who discovers a young Kappa one day on his way home from school. I wasn't exactly sure how this was going to play out and be as cute as it looked to be what with the lore I have read about Kappas. But it was actually a very good movie. You can find it on

I have, of course, been watching anime on my own. I'll discuss some of those in a later post but this one, a personal favorite, is Saiunkoku Monogatari, which you can find on There are an array of fun, colorful characters in this series about a young woman who desires to become the first female governor of her country.I am currently watching the second season, which picks up a little after the first concludes. So far I am still happy with the story and look forward to seeing how it plays out. I have read rumors that there might be a third season, to which, I would be ecstatic.

As for my unpleasant news... Roomie/gf learned today that the new schedules available for her job are nothing what she wants and her hours will be cut. That doesn't bode well for either of us since I still have yet to find a job of my own. Also, I was curious to see how our change in diet has been working out for us. We've been eating mostly vegetable and protein, cutting out a lot of the junk and cutting down on the carbs. So, while at the doctor's with my mother today, I asked to weigh myself. Instead of losing any kind of weight, I've gained weight. I was actually so depressed I wanted to walk out to the car and just scream. So, tonight, when we do our grocery shopping, I am snagging a box of pizza rolls to munch on while I think of a new plan of action. I've been good, I deserve a treat.

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