Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Glasses and a pillow hogging kitty.

So These are my new glasses. they are actually pretty nice, don't hurt the bridge of my nose, and best of all I have no fear of the lens popping out on me! Oh and of course, I can see much better. They have a very pretty silver design along the sides too.

Meet sweet, adorable Yoda-Chan. He's one of the softest cats you'll ever touch, very obedient, and very like a familiar. We've been best friends for many years and in all our time together he insists upon sleeping next to me, on me, or on my pillow. And, no matter where he plops his fat butt, he has to be on my face and insists that I make room for him. Needless to say I go to bed in my spot and wake up in the middle and half way down the bed he's usually kicked me off my pillow. To top the morning off I usually have a funny tickle in my nose and have to pull a cat hair or two from my nose before I sneeze.

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