Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inducted into D.A.R. this morning!

A little after 10 am CST, I was finally inducted into the Daughter's of the American Revolution Society. I'd been accepted as an prospective candidate back in November of last year. All that was left was to send my birth certificate and some other genealogical documentation along with my Grandmother's (She was already a member) on to the National office to be reviewed, verified, and approved.

My official certificate (Yes, I blocked out my name and only those who know me personally know it).

DAR is a national society that supports Education, preservation of history (such as documents, landmarks, ect...), has the largest genealogy library in America located in Washinton D.C. But it also believes in protecting and following the Constitution and supporting our Veterans and Troops. I'm looking forward to seeing what D.A.R has in store for me and what I can do in D.A.R. A bonus, I get to do this with my Grandmother and a girl I went to High School with.

Now, I'm going to make pimento cheese spread, pick up my apartment a little and take a nap before hitting a small social club tonight. Tomorrow, I'm having guests (some new friends) over for brunch! I'm pretty excited about that as well.