Friday, March 25, 2011

A Happy Day!

Recently my laptop fan went out and my Dad ordered me a new one. Luckily it was inexpensive and today it arrived. I installed it all by myself and now my laptop is up and running again, for which I am very excited! So far so good and what's that? I don't hear a thing. No more noisy fan for me. The above picture isn't my fan but a very close match.

Also, today I had an job interview with Family Video. I think the interview went pretty well. I certainly walked out of there with more confidence and a lighter heart than I went in. I don't know if I have the job but I feel like this time I actually have some hope.

As for Guild Wars, my Mom has been letting me borrow her computer in the evenings while I am at my parent's house to play with my Dad. Dad finally beat Prophecies and is now working on Factions. I too have to do all the missions in Factions because the first time around I did not have the Shiro book. So I'll be beating it again along with my Dad and maybe this time around I will have all the supplies and plat to get the Elite Canthan armor I've wanted for quite some time. We are also working on Nightfall and Eye of the North.

I have some sad news to report for a member of my family. My Cousin Tony recently hurt his shoulder a few days ago. A few years ago he was in a horrible car accident and nearly lost his life. He hasn't had a lot of feeling in one shoulder, his arm or his hand since and hurt it on the job. Since the second injury he managed to knock his shoulder out of place. I can honestly say I never ever want to see him pop it back into place again. It was awful and the sound isn't pleasant and it's even less so seeing him in pain. So far, he seems to be doing better.

Good news family wise is that my Grandparents are home safely from their annual three month visit to Texas. Grandma would like me to come over this weekend to help her unload some things from her car and to visit. It will be really nice to see Grandpa and her again.

Well, I am off to play!

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