Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some days

Yesterday I called about that job interview I had last week. I was turned down yet again. This is getting ridiculous and I've just about had it and think that going in guns blazing looking really pissed off is about the only way I will ever get anyone to take me seriously... Then again I just might end up in jail. O.o But hey at least these people were nice and didn't give me the run around like so many other places *cough* Borders *cough* Wal-mart and both of those places repeatedly. I figure if they can hire most of my friends and some of my family why not me. I certainly have better work histories than a lot of them. Anyway, I decided that I am finished looking for a job for awhile and going to pursue college again. So I have an appointment later today with an ITT Tech admissions guy. Dad told me they will give me a really big sales pitch but I don't care. I just want to some questions answered and to see if their programs are worth investing in. Also, I want to know if I will qualify for Pell Grants else there is no way in hell I can pull it off.

I've had a new story idea come up that will make a rather nice fantasy/romance/possible tragedy novel. I've got some character outlines written up, a map partially drawn, and know hoe the story will start and a few plot points. I actually started the first page yesterday with a working title and "Chapter One". And that's as far as I got.

Dad's on vacation on again so we've been playing Guild Wars off and on, when I can get over to my parent's house. He's helping me with Nightfall because he's farther in it. So far so good, we knocked out two missions and a quest and we'll probably knock out some more this evening.

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