Friday, May 20, 2011

A frightening afternoon, college, and a note of sadness.

So while I was surfing the net I wanted to see if my blog came up under it's title, which I thought I had cleverly come up with. Turns out, on a bit of a sad note, that I wasn't the only one to think up "Foreigner in my own backyard" but someone else has that blog title. Although, they don't seem to be posting anymore. So, I shall have to come up with a new title when I get some time and can think of something more appealing than 'Kitty land'.

As for lack of posts and not being able to think very well, I have a damned good excuse. College! I'm coming to the end of my first quarter and I have finals and course projects to do. I'm so scatterbrained I'm not even sure when my last day of class is, not that the syllabi are really helping with that. Oh well, I'll just ask my math/problem solving teacher tomorrow, if I remember.

Yesterday was a terrifying afternoon. Most of my close friends and relatives know that my parents are paranoid and instilled a healthy sense of paranoia in me. So when I went to my parent's house the day before yesterday to check on my mother (her legs had been jumping the night before) and found the front door unlocked, it was a little cause for concern. At first I thought she might have been at my aunt's house across the street. So I went to see only she wasn't there. I went back to my parent's house and went up to her room to check on her. What I found scared the shit out of me. My mom's dog was barking at me and my mom was lying in bed not moving. I couldn't even tell if she was breathing or not. So I got closer and Kali, that's my mom's dog, got even more hostile which meant there was something wrong. Kali is always very protective of mom when something is wrong.

I called out to my mom and she didn't respond but her eyes were half open and glazed over and I started to panic. I grabbed the dog, tossed her out of the room and shut the door and slapped my mother hard in the face. No response. I checked for her pulse but couldn't find it in her wrist but I could see that she was at least breathing. So I slapped her couple more times trying to get any response out of her. Nothing. By that time my cousin Shi-chan had come up and was trying to help me wake my mom up. I thought if I pounded on my mom's feet (something she hates and would normally punch me for) that would get something out of her, it didn't. I panicked more and ran into my Dad's office and called him cussing and demanding for him to stop that he was doing and come home right then. He told me not to panic, that she has seizures like this and just to keep trying to get her to wake up and he'd be home soon.

It took awhile but we got my mom to wake up. She was in so much pain and so worn out. So Shi-chan and I stayed with her while the GF took care of the dog and paid the pizza guy. We'd ordered pizza for everyone for dinner. Mom wanted some company, not to be left alone, until Dad got home. After a little bit, I went to my cousin's to cool down and the GF went to work. I went back to my parent's after watching a movie and Mom was asleep. I asked Dad how she was and he said, "Well, she's bitching about stuff, so she's doing better." While that was a relief, I'm still freaked out about it. I've only seen my mom have the seizures where she jerks around and I've taken care of her through those. I've even come home to seeing her lying on the floor after a seizure, but this was by far the worst thing I have ever seen.

I checked on mom again last night to see how she was. She think I hit her hard enough to knock a tooth lose. I gave her a hug. She's better, but still sore and really wants me to hang out with her. I have some plans tonight but Saturday and Sunday I'm all hers, after I get my homework finished.


  1. HOLY CRAP. I'm glad your mom is okay! Well... relatively speaking...

  2. She had another bad seizure yesterday, it was so bad the doctor at the dr's office though she'd had a stroke. But thankfully she didn't.