Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's official!

So I don't have any interesting pics to post this time around... But it's official, we've completely moved out of our apartment and back in with my parents! Yay!!! Most people would be wondering how that's a cause for celebration since that seems like a step backward in the progression of life. However, for us it is a step backward to move forward. We moved back in to save some money so we could buy into the same townhouses my parents live in. We have to save up half the down payment + first month's rent and some utility money to get into these townhouses. Doesn't seem like much fun since we had our own place before. However, with these townhouses we can really make it a home. We can paint, if the basement's not finished we can finish it, and we can pretty much do anything we want with the place (once we get one) aside from knocking down walls. Plus when we move out we'll get our down payment back and charge for any remodeling we've done. So in the end it's an investment.

Also with moving back in with my parents, we won't have to worry about slap happy maintenance with the air conditioner and heater. It seemed every time the season changed there was something wrong with our heater or our air conditioner. And we don't have to worry about the water being shut off without notice and my favorite thing of all, no more brown recluse infestation!

Since I had limited time in packing and moving and while we had lots of help, it took awhile to get out of our old place due to the heat. It's been in the triple digits (Fahrenheit) here in the Midwest and according to the weather guys, it's not looking like it will cool down anytime soon. In fact, yesterday while we were trying to finish up moving out and cleaning the old place, we had to leave early because I got heat sick. I had to come back to my parents, drink lots of water, take a cool shower, and rest. It was pretty scary and worse I heard one news cast report that 30 people had already died this summer from heat stroke.

But all is well. The cats are settling in nicely, we're getting ready to get up and work on my mom's pantry. We have to get rid of some things of mom's to make room for the food we brought from our house. Don't worry, anything we don't need or will use, will be shipped to a food pantry.

Last night Dad, my girlfriend and I sat and talked about the couple of years when my family was vegetarian and all the interesting food we made from various cookbooks. We have a friend who is vegetarian coming for a visit. And of course we talked about other food we'd like to make for after she leaves. Looks like I will be expanding my recipe box again and finally, I'll get to have cauliflower cheese pie again. Num!

Well, gotta get up and get moving...

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