Saturday, September 24, 2011

My World: Yanked down a Sinkhole in one week.

The weeks started out pretty good, or so I thought, Monday morning at least. Monday afternoon my girlfriend told me that she wanted to move back to Northern Idaho. I had to pull the car over and park it before panic ensued. We had a plan: move in with my parents, save money, get into the town houses they live in or find a suitable two bedroom house or apartment. Guess that plan wasn't good enough anymore. I was in such a state of shock, and how it had been presented (nigh like an ultimatum) that I couldn't go to class that night.

Tuesday wasn't much better, in fact, panic hit me hard as I scrambled to find some sort of compromise. My girlfriend ditched worked and I ditched class so we could go somewhere and talk, as in talk without parents or family or friends bothering us. I presented her with "Let's stay until I graduate, that's a year and a half away and even on graduation night, we can move to Idaho then." Nope, she wasn't going for it. It had to be that we move in October or at the latest, sometime in December. I fought and pleaded with her, I even begged her but she won't budge. She misses her parents. I understand that and I sympathize, I've been in her shoes. In a perfect world, I would move with her the minute she wanted me to. But it's not a perfect world, my Grandparents are both 83 years old. Grandpa has Alzheimer's and I will lose precious time with him where he will remember me. Grandma needs help too. But that doesn't seem to faze my girlfriend.

Tuesday night we went to spend some time with my pseudo brother, Lucas and his girlfriend. After which we drive to the other side of town to spend time with another friend and ended up staying overnight. Wednesday afternoon, I went to my Dad's work, because I figured he couldn't kill me there, and told him the news. He was PISSED! The rest of Wednesday was spent with me in tears, dreading to go home, and finally hashing it out with my parents. In the end they weren't all that mad at me, they think this is a very stupid move, but they love me and will support me no matter what I decide to do. How the HELL do you choose someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, who you've been with for almost 4 years, and your family?

Thursday, spent all day sick with panic, again, and dread over telling my grandparents that I was moving. Told my cousin Sheena about the move and well, that pretty much crushed her. Did I mention that I've been crying myself to sleep every night?

Friday, I was starting to come to terms with the move, was a little more forgiving and less weepy and 'GRR' in how I dealt with people. That was until I got a call that I needed to take my Cousin Sheena to her brothers. Sheena wouldn't tell me anything until we were in the car and then we spent all of last night waiting to hear from the doctors and the police exactly what was going on.

The full story, my slut, p.o.s whore of a cousin Amanda Jean, dropped her kid off with her and Sheena's brother Tony. Now this kid adores Tony but something was wrong last night. She wouldn't go to him, was scared of him, and when Tony asked why, she said Shelby, that Amanda Jean's boyfriend, hurt her. When Tony asked where, she pointed to her diaper. So Tony called my Aunt Laura and they took the kid to the hospital to get looked at. That poor little girl, of only 3 years old, has been sexually molested. And on top of that, she'd been completely taken away and put in foster care for the time being.

Now no one can find or get in contact with her mother, Amanda Jean. The police are looking for her and her boyfriend, Shelby. And if that wasn't enough, apparently they stole Shelby's aunt's pain medicine shortly after she had surgery and her debit card. Also, they've been stealing other things and selling them at pawn shops. The last thing we heard of them was from Shelby's aunt this morning, apparently they showed up to the aunt's house and Shelby had a gun saying that he was going to blow his head off but as usual, Amanda Jean and Shelby escaped before the police could arrive.

So, we don't know where they are which is probably a good thing since most of us have murder in mind. Personally, I want to to torture the fuck out of Amanda Jean and Shelby and impale what's left of them out in some field for the crows to pick at. My aunt and uncle are going to try and get custody of the little girl and if they can't, I'm going to try. I love that little girl so much and I can't believe anyone would let something this horrible happen to her or any kid.

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