Friday, September 16, 2011

New Class Line Up and Vampires galore!!!

Been a bit busy this week since the new quarter started up. I'm now in quarter 3 of 8 at ITT Tech and that means I'm almost half way finished. As always they've changed my class schedule to different days and I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't have a class on Saturday afternoon now. That means potential conflict with DAR. DAR is in a smaller town not too far away but it's a good 45 minute drive from my house. But, I should be okay and if it runs over I can always leave the meeting early to make in time for class. I really don't see the other members being bothered by that. You know since we promote education and all.

All that in mind, I have three new classes! I'm not too thrilled about having math again but it goes hand in hand with my degree so I'll suck it up there. I'm taking College Math 1, DC Electronics, and Micro Economics. So far I've only had DC Electronics and College Math and I really enjoyed DC Electronics. My instructor for the 1st 3 weeks is from Greece and wouldn't you know it, he was the one who came up with and worked on AT&T U-Verse. Now, I will never tell him that I hate AT&T because they screwed me over on my internet. But I thought it was pretty cool to have an instructor that's done something so large like that. I also like that he has quite the potty mouth and says 'shit' just about every sentence. He makes me laugh.

Math class is interesting, I'm not sure where my instructor is from but it's somewhere in Africa. He's a very nice guy and speaks English just fine. I've heard other students complain about not being able to understand him, but I think he's understandable and there were only a few instances where I was like 'huh?' but I figured it out.

Speaking of math and DC Electronics, I'm learning scientific and engineering notation. I think I've got it down but I'm very shaky with it and unsure. I think I need to do some more practice problems.

Now on to the good stuff... We've just watched the end of this season's True Blood. Wow, what a way to end it, a major cliff hanger. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, and I'm not going to, but let me just say, poor Lafayette! Sookie Stackhouse, you're a fucking moron! Wolf boy who's name I can't spell (we'll just call him Al ) go away! There I've said my peace and now I'm eagerly awaiting the next season.

I'm watching the 2nd season of Vampire Diaries. I had forgotten a few things from the 1st season but they've come back to me as I've been watching the 2nd. It's pretty interesting and I still adore Damon Salvatore. I don't know why no one will give him a chance. He's got lots of love if only held get off Kathrine and Elena and look for someone who actually deserves him. Not finished watching it yet but when I am, my cousin Sheena is recording the 3rd season on her DVR so I'll go over and catch up with her.

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