Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello September, it's nice to see you again and what a month you will be!

It's finally September! Which means it's almost Autumn, my favorite season of the year. I love Winter, don't get me wrong, but Autumn and all it's color is the best. The weather is cooler but not cold. Mabon and Samhain (Halloween) come along with pumpkins and apples.

This year September is going to be very busy. At some point I am going to have an MRI and we are going to see what exactly is wrong with my Jeep. We have to get car tags for said car as well but other than those things, I think the beginning of the month will be pretty relaxed. I have some library books I need to finish but I will get to those in a minute.  (It's 12:40pm and I feel like it's 3pm)

The second half of the month will be a whirlwind of 'How the hell are we going to work around all of this?' My girlfriend's birthday is the 21st and we are have two parties for her. One out of town with her friends and one here at home with family simply because it is impossible for her friends to come to our house. The reasons why pisses me off to no end (it's not the friend's fault) but it just can't be helped. And somehow we have schedule between weird family events.

Also that weekend is Mabon, a pagan holiday. I don't know if I will be able to celebrate it or not with so much going on. And finally the Apple Festival at Greenbluff starts that weekend. I probably won't get to go to the Apple Festival that weekend, but I will be going shortly there after.

I've already started cooking for Fall. I made pumpkin bread yesterday morning and plan to make more within the next couple of days. And I am looking at new Fall recipes to try.

Last night we had a small craft night with Kat. It was fun and I started working on some decorations for Halloween! So far they look pretty good. I just have a coffin left to paint and some Witch's boots to make. I don't know what else I am going to make, but I'll figure it out. I still want to have a craft day with my friend out in the Silver Valley but for some reason getting her up here for an afternoon is harder than hell. I am trying to see if I can get her to come sometime when she is already going to be up in the area.

On to my library books...  Corsets & Clockwork looks like it would be a really neat Steampunk book. However, I've only enjoyed the 1st story.  The second and third just weren't holding me and I really tried to give them a go. Now, I am wondering if I should just take the book back to the library or try to read the rest. There is no point in wasting time on a book I am not going to enjoy and really the 1st story was the only one to really give me what I wanted as far as Steampunk is concerned. I'll look at the rest of the stories and try them out, otherwise, I'm not too thrilled with this book.

The Alchemist's Kitchen. It's interesting, a little complicated, and dry, textbook like but that's what it's supposed to be like. I wish this book was a little slower in that they didn't only have a paragraph or two on each concept and could go a little more in depth.

I have another Steampunk book to read and a book on Soap Making but I haven't gotten to those just yet and I think I might be renewing those.  


  1. I just finished my Middle Earth reading marathon. Read Silmarillion, Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in the past 5 or six weeks.

    My ex finally got around to returning a book club book I bought well over a year ago and loaned to him. He never read it but he did manage to misplace it among his piles and piles of stuff he simply can't let go of. So now I have another book to work on.

    I was wondering: Can you tell me how to embed that Lunar Data widget? I tried a few days ago, but I think I did something wrong.

  2. Um I think I ran a search for moon phase widgets for blogger and found one. I don't remember doing anything other than clicking it. I could be wrong though.

    Hey, at least he returned it. Every time I loan out a book it gets lost or someone moves or the person I loaned it too breaks up with a friend. Well, that's not true, the last time I loaned out a book I got it back in a few weeks but every time prior to that, I've never seen it again.