Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Christmas blues, failed plasma donation, and whatever else comes out.

My sewing machine
Over all I had a decent Christmas. There wasn't any family drama, it was quiet, and no one bothered me. I also made a nice dinner and promptly crashed on the sofa after eating it. I was so exhausted despite having made most of the food the night prior. Bonus: just about everything I got this year, is not only fun but useful!

That being said, one of the things I received was the sewing machine to the left. I have a sewing machine that was given to me by my Grandma but we can't make it work. So, Skoora bought me a replacement and it looks... like a challenge. I've never had one that was digital and from peeking at the manual today, I'm going to have at least a day of examination before I actually sewing anything on it. That's not a problem though, it just has to be within the net few days because I have to sew Skoora's reversible tote bag together. I finished the embroidery for both sides.

As to why I am feeling the post Christmas blues, well, I ran out of depression meds. I am also out of muscle relaxers and heart burn meds. *face palm* I haven't been in the best of moods today and it also didn't help that I awoke with a screaming migraine. (As it turns out, I am going to have to fluff this new pillow every night to get it just right as well.) My head hurt so terribly earlier that I blacked out my room and lay down with a cold, wet wash cloth on my forehead. I fell asleep but it didn't really help. I also didn't manage to get anything accomplished today except entering upcoming doctor's appointments into my new yearly planner.

this was only the first day
Skoora and I went to BioLife Plasma tonight to donate. I haven't been back since they blew out my vein on the 4th of July. The pic to the left was what my arm looked like when I got home. The next day, it looked so much worse and I decided that I was done donating plasma. Every time I've gone they've left bruises on me. I am worried about potential blood clots and infections. A nurse at my doctor's office actually told me she doesn't like them because the 'phlebotomists' there aren't really phlebotomists and that she had a guy come in from that place who got a staph infection due to a nurse not changing gloves between patients. Whether or not that is true or isn't, it still makes me a bit nervous.

However, Skoora is going to Boston for another residency for a couple of weeks and she doesn't get paid until after she is there. I need to have some money for gas and whatever medicine I need to pick up while she is gone. So she picked me up from home after she got off work and we drive all the way to BioLife to donate tonight only to find out that neither of us could. We have to have a physical. Being that I haven't had my depression meds today, I still have a migraine, and I was afraid that I would be able to donate because when I have a migraine my blood pressure goes up and they won't let me donate if it is too high, that just remembering how badly they blew my vein last time make me want to cry, AND we'd just basically wasted gas getting there, I was a bit pissed. I tried really hard not to show it though.

On to semi-happier things, last night, after I awoke from my nap on the sofa, I decided to look at kitchen items. It was too late to call my parents and try to do a google hang out with them being that it was after 10 pm here and after 12 am there, they live in the Midwest where as I live in the Pacific Northwest.

Anyway, I looked mainly at for baking dishes, silverware, and dishes. I made the mistake of giving our dishes away to one of my cousins before we moved up here. I wanted to do something nice for said cousin and Skoora and I were planning to get a nice set when we moved into our own place again. Two years later, we still don't have our own place and we still don't have any plates and I'm pretty sure my Mom confiscated my silverware. (Half of our things are still in my parent's basement and since I'm not there to use them, I don't mind my Mom having them. Far better she get some use out of them than they collect dust).  Actually, my Mom's been into my stuff more than that because she's borrowing my wall sconces and as much as I don't mind, it kind of makes me want to cry (not because of her).

And here is where I will log off because I don't really want to get into any of that. 


  1. That's a pretty nasty bruise! And how long till you can get your meds? And how much are they? If they're not too expensive, I can front you the money through paypal or something till you get paid. 'Tis not good to go medless. I've been there. My new doctor added Wellbutrin to my mini pharmacy. I procrastinated taking it until a week ago because I was afraid it'd make me sleepy and put me in a stupor like many antidepressant have in the past. Luckily that didn't happen although i do feel a little flat.

    That's a pretty nice sewing machine you got there! I hope you figure it out soon so you can get busy having fun with it. ^_^

    1. *hugs* Mom's gonna help us get her meds today <3 so no worries, but thank you! And just ugh meds in general LOL - poor Hannah is on the Effexor (I had it a long time ago and loved it but it definitely is one that you can't miss a dose because it's like insta-bitch LOL!). I've been on welbutrin a few times and I don't recall if it did anything negative necessarily. I really hope that the flat feeling goes away and I'm glad at least it's not putting you in a stupor - zoloft did that to me >< ugh it was cloud, fog city in my brain on that stuff.

    2. AWWW! You're so nice and sweet! Cathy did say she would cover it and we'll pay her back when Skoora gets back from the residency.

      Welbutrin sucked all the drive to do anything out of me. I hated it and a dropped it. I don't even really think it helped too much with the depression because not having the drive to do anything only made me more depressed and sleepy. Effexor does work rather nicely, but missing doses does make me bitchy. The downside is that no one likes that I don't keep most of my sarcasm and semi-playful insults to myself and I have less patience, and less shit-tolerance. But I kind of feel a little more like the old me, the me that didn't take ANY shit from anyone.

    3. Well I'm glad you've got the meds covered. Especially since it's Effexor. I was on that for a number of years before they switched me to Cymbalta, the one that came after Effexor in the SNRI family of antidepressants. Yeah, missing doses of that stuff is all sorts of fuckery.