Thursday, January 9, 2014

Whew! time to get my butt in gear.

The last week or so has been filled with people and events. As most of you know, I took Skoora to the air port for her MFA residency in Boston. I couldn't sleep very well with her in the air during bad weather or her being alone in the airport. Then I was having some trouble sleeping because she wasn't home. But we had her cousin Amber over to stay for a few days and the day she left my friend Christine came to stay. She went home today and like usual, she left something behind. She's so silly!

While Christine was here we watched some movies and she started the 2nd season of Supernatural. I took her shopping and out to lunch one day. We also played in the dinning room with the craft supplies. I made a 'good things' jar in which I am going to put all the good things that happen or things that make me happy on a piece of paper to put in the jar for later review. It's a positive reinforcement sort of thing. I also picked up a wooden and glass box that was in the tub of 'things to be painted'. I didn't have much success with this box despite all the of the precautions I took to keep paint off the glass but I have managed to fix nearly every single problem and made the box look cute. Christine decorated a few hair clips and a box she bought. I also crocheted a little on the afghan I am making my parents (which I am sure my Mom will claim solely as hers).

Yesterday I had my first hypnotherapy appointment. It went well, I suppose. I have some reading to do, some workbook pages to complete, and some cds to listen to. I think the hardest part is cutting down meal portions. I didn't really think I ate that much but when you are only supposed to eat 2 cups of food per meal and you like to make full dinners, that can get a little tricky. I don't think I will be cooking as much as I am used to. The good thing, I eat three meals a day and two snacks. The down side is that she wants me to exorcise. Normally that wouldn't bother me but with my back the way it is and the fibromyalgia, there are days I don't move very well much less have the energy to exorcise. But my therapist more than understands this, she lives with the same pain and she is going to try and help me learn to channel and deal with the pain, which in my book is awesome!

At the moment I am at the library, had to pick up some books on jewelry making that I want to look at. Since I wanted some time out of the house, despite the migraine I have pounding my head, I thought I would update my blog. When I get home I need to do some laundry and clean the bathroom and after that, read. I have so much that I want to read. However, tonight I am going to kill beasties in Guild Wars and try to just relax.  


  1. Ugh...portion sizes blow goats. A basic rule of thumb when dieting is that what's on your plate should be no more than the size of both your fists. And I look at it and say, "Really??" Years of yo-yo dieting and all the years I did meth a couple decades ago really messed up my metabolism.

    I've been on a diet for a few days now and it makes me crabby. I'm a nervous nibbler and a boredom eater so I feel at a loss for how to fill my time when I get the urge to snack. One thing that helps is eating salted peanuts in the shell. I have to crack them open myself so I eat less in a sitting than just eating them straight out of a can. Also keeps my hands busy.

  2. The whole principal behind the hypnotherapy is that diets don't work because once you are off the diet, you go back to the way you were eating before and gain all the weight back and then some. So really the idea is to learn how to listen to your body, know when you are hungry and not eat just for the sake of eating, eat by the clock, or even because you're going out to dinner with friends. To learn to listen to your body to know when it's full. To learn to make healthier food choices- and last night when doing the hypnotherapy session (which is kind of difficult when the cats on't shut up or leave you alone) one of the things the lady had me do was visualize a food that I crave the most, which for me in potato chips, and let the craving become very potent in my non-dominate hand. Then in my dominate hand visualize something horribly grotesque (for me is bugs) and let that really gross me out and switch my thinking between the two a couple of times and them punch the gross hand into the yummy hand so the gross mingles with the yummy. EWWW! As soon as she started talking about something gross I figured out what was going on and you know what, I've sort of unconsciously been doing this sort of thing to myself already. My cousin Sheena used to tell me that she wouldn't eat rice because it reminded her or maggots. How wonderful, sometimes that thought pops into my head. Noodles sometimes gross me out. I feel like if I am not careful with this, despite how much I love to cook, I might end up going the other direction and turning myself off of food entirely. Which would be awful for my metabolism!

    Well shoot, I can't have peanuts! I'm allergic and it really fucking sucks because I used to love apples and peanut butter. Almond butter just isn't the same, the oil separates from the meaty part and it's harder to mix up. But I have discovered something nice, salted roasted pumpkin seeds. Well, aside from the salt ( I don't know why but I crave salt. I eat it plain and it doesn't make any sense to me) and are we supposed to eat the shell? I don't know but sometimes I do. Pumpkin seeds also don't set off migraines like other nuts and sunflower seeds do. Bonus!

    I will have to post this on my craft blog as an alternative for people who can't have conventional trail mixes, but I have come up with my own. I get dried cranberries, almond slivers, pumpkin seeds, and semi-sweet chocolate chips and mix it all up and put it in small plastic snack cups. Boom, healthier snacks. Also, this last time, I left the chocolate chips out and replaced them with raisins. The only trouble with dried fruit is that there is a little bit more sugar in them. But you've got a balance between sugar and protein.

  3. I forgot about the peanut allergies. that's scary, my cousin has peanut allergies. that's an interesting technique with the non-dominant hand. i got hypotherapy years ago for depression. the doctor would put me under and suggest that time seems faster when i feel bad and time seems slower when i feel good. it worked but in a weird way. time felt exactly the same while it was happening but my memory afterward made it seem shorter or longer.

    1. That's really weird. Shouldn't your perception and what was really going on be the same?