Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello Wine, why is the cat crying?!

I am out of pain pills and I am in a lot of pain tonight. In fact it's at the point where it is burning in the back and down both my legs. That's not good. So, I decided today, since we were in a different store, that I would ask Skoora to buy me some wine to try. I don't plan to get shit faced or medicate with alcohol when I don't have pain medication, no no no. But she did buy me some to try. Last time I had wine is gave me wicked heartburn and I haven't touched it since.

So, despite the fact that this is cheap wine of some supposedly exotic fruity nature, I still don't think I like wine but at least I don't feel the hurt so much. Skoora brought me a coke-a-cola glass full of it. The burning in my back and legs is still there but I've got enough of a buzz that, like I said, it isn't as bad as it was. However, I do have to pee already.

Yoda-Chan, dear sweet Yoda- Chan. He was outside my door crying to be let in. I let him in and now he's sitting at the door crying to be let out. Oh great, and now Galen is crying too. I am not getting up. I will win and curb their obsession with going in and out.

We watched Opposite Worlds on SyFy tonight. I do not like it. There is too much talking and not enough actually stuff happening in the show. It's just a different twist on Survivor and I hate hate hate that show. Actually the only 'reality competition' show I do like is Face Off. At the moment, we have the TV on in our room, which  believe me is rare unless we just want something mindless to fall asleep to and even that's kind of rare. Anyway My Strange Addiction is on and there is this guy who eats plastic. Um, okay, if that's what floats your boat but you might lose your fiance if you keep that shit up. The other part of the episode is about a woman who is co-dependant on a baby doll.. O.o And she wants her boyfriend to bond with it. Um, that's your addiction, don't try to force him into it, you're doing good in that he's been tolerant of your addiction so far (and at least this is one that doesn't hurt anyone or herself).

So, goals for tomorrow: Research Bloodstones for my new Pagan blog, try to get some much needed reading done, and some girl stuff. Going to do a face mask because it's been forever since I've done one. Need to do some extra exfoliating because my skin has been dry and peeling a little bit. Oh and just so ya'll know (heh heh my native Kansan talking) I DO like Honeybooboo. 


  1. It's sad that my reaction to your post is: I don't know anything about your ailments, but can guide you through your wine drinking...
    Well, alcohol doesn't take away pain, it just numbs you (hopefully) to the point where you care less about it (for a while). Remember to drink at least as much water as you drink wine, and also to eat (or drink) something sweet. If you're ot used to wine, the low blood sugar will kick you in the ass the next day.
    So go have some chocolate :)

    1. Oh, and the cat is bored - but you probably already knew that. My male cat has been acting the same since we finally got some snow. Even my very sophisticated 10-year-old girl cat is interested in string at this point :)

  2. LOL, that's okay. I did care less about the pain for a little while and I've had a little more today. Oh boy, both my boys are bored and very codependent. They have to be with me all the time but they are far too lazy to play, they'd much rather sit on me. :)