Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I don't know!

I haven't had a very good evening. I'm not sure what triggered the panic attack earlier, around 5 pm, but it was bad enough that one of my stress relievers couldn't even help calm me down, nothing was, so I took some medicine and laid down for awhile. I actually ended up taking a half hour nap.

When I awoke I wasn't feeling much better. But I got up, ate dinner, and logged into Guild Wars to play for a bit. It's Alliance Battle Week. Typically I get really disgusted over how much people jump sides back and forth. But what really upset me tonight was that my Dad asked me to text him when I logged on. I did. Twice. I got no response. Fine. I still wanted to do some AB so I went to the area and posted in the alliance chat that I was available if anyone needed another person for their group. No one said a damned thing. So I thought, well that's okay, I'll just hang out and see if anyone adds me to their party. (you can't just go into Alliance battles, you have to go in a party and none of them can be npcs).

Finally a group picked me up. Well that was a mistake. They got pissed at me for not sticking with them. I honestly thought I will still running with the group but they must have changed locations when I was texting Skoora back during the wait time. Well, round two, I tried like hell to stick with them. Things were fine until I got killed and was effectively separated from them. So then I wasted time trying to find them instead of jumping in with the closest group to the resurrection shrine. Needless to say, they kicked me the minute the round was over. I don't need that kind of shit. Not tonight anyway. And when there was still no word from my Dad, I decided to just bag it for the night and do something else.

I'm still really depressed, I can't decide what to do, don't really feel like doing anything, but at the same time I don't want to do nothing. I could go start some craft projects but like I said, I just don't feel like it. I thought about going to the store and I thought trying to work on a story. I just don't feel like doing anything! I just want tomorrow to come.   

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