Saturday, August 16, 2014

Street Fairs, Pretty Rocks, hematocrit is a bitch, and a week absent homework.

Let's start with hematocrit, since that seems to be the current health issue. I've been trying to donate plasma because, well I get paid for it. But I haven't been able to because my hematocrit has been too low. Basically that means that I am anemic. So I have been eating as much protein and other Iron rich foods as I can, where and when I can and also take an Iron supplement along with a daily vitamin. It's still not enough to really raise my number enough to donate which is frustrating because we could certainly use the extra income.

Next, I am looking forward to this coming week. I have week's break between terms and can finally do all the, well some of the things I've wanted to do but felt too guilty because I had homework and all that other depressing stuff going on. I have a couple of craft projects I want to do and some books I want to read, some crocheting that needs to be done.

I've had a friend up to visit for the last week and it's been nice having her, but I have to take her home tomorrow. Still, she and I went to the Garland Street Fair in Spokane, WA today. We mostly hung out at the IEPG booth and I had really wanted to help with set up or tear down but with taking and picking Skoora up fro work, that didn't really happen. I had also wanted to be more helpful when people came to ask about the Guild but I kind of clammed up and could quite bring myself to do so. But I did have a good time chatting with everyone. We also spent some time exploring the street fair. I ended up coming home with a book and some gemstones. I bought a Rainbow Fluorite stone that I can make a necklace out of, which is something I have been wanting to do but could never find a stone affordable enough to do so. I did today! I am also worn out and sore from all the walking and the mild sunburn I received. I didn't think about sunscreen because I thought I would spend most of my time under the pavilion, which I did, but with me it really doesn't take much for me to burn and I did okay for the most part, I didn't break out in hives. I did, however, get kind of dizzy, even when sitting down. It was probably because it's still a bit hot here. 85 degrees even with a breeze in the shade is hot to me.

There is probably much more that I wanted to write about but I am tired and sore. Oh and Narcisa just left the bedroom so I have a few minutes to crochet before I am simply too tired or my back tells me it's time to lie down.   

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