Thursday, November 6, 2014

Running a little behind

I decided to do a little cosmetic change with my blog while I'm taking a night off from school and remembering to do it. As it is, I am a little behind in my classes. It's my fault, I misread some directions in my math class and was trying to do homework for week seven instead of week one. I got a little stuck. So this week I called the tutoring center learned my mistake and did the homework for week one. I also did the homework for this week for my context of writing class. Except that I forgot that we are supposed to be doing journals for our big final project. I still have those to do and this week's math work and the 1st exam. I will probably get it done tomorrow and Sunday.

We managed to get all but one piece of our Halloween/autumn decor packed up. It's not in the garage yet. I don't know for sure when we are doing Christmas decorations but I am kind of hoping Amanda and I can be moved out by then. She's looking for another job but I will talk more about that later. I've been really tired lately so I am keeping this short. 


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    1. Thank you. As much as I love the fun and even bright colors people are doing for Christmas and Yule, I really like the more woodland and earthy themes. Although, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to a gothic theme. :)