Sunday, November 2, 2014

Very belated Haunted Hump Day 10 and Halloween Party

I know I am painfully late with the last Haunted Humpday post. Part of that is on purpose and part of that is not. Last weekend we had Samhain with the IEPG group, we've had company, and I spent some time with my friend Jen before she moved back to Wisconsin. I also had a new term of school start up this week and we've been very busy getting ready for the Halloween Party at our friend's house. Anyway, the above picture is me in my Halloween costume. I was a vampire sans the teeth (never got around to getting them). I made the shirt from a black knit material and black lace and while I still have to put bias tape (?) on the neckline, I can say it is one of the most comfortable shirts I own. Why? Because it's actually tailored to me!  Don't ask about my hair, it's a curly mess and I'd already started sweating and drinking by then.

These were our forks and napkins for the party. It took Amanda asking if we could do this, me trying to do it, and Fiona figuring out how to make the teeth stay for it to work! 

Our dessert table has Chris B's ghost brownies, my green coffin cake, and a blue berry lemonade-lemonade-vodka-hibiscus pomegranate vodka punch.

There's Amanda making out with one of my haunted skulls again. She's done in years past. 

We had such a good time! A lot of our friends up here came and brought their kids, fur kids included. There was food, drinks, fun, and dancing. The kids had a lot of candy to snack on and after they left, I got pretty drunk. I actually felt pretty good, danced a bit, somehow I ended up on the floor. Apparently Amanda decided she needed to help me out of a chair and I didn't exactly want to go. I also apparently walked up the mirror and looked in it and said "I look like a princess". I don't remember this but everyone else does and they certainly gave me shit about it this morning. It was good fun though. Shenanigans abounded for certain. 

This morning was another matter. My back was sure to remind me that I can't move like a normal person no matter how much I want to, and that I have to be careful. 

Thank you Marfi for hosting the Haunted Humpday Event!!! I hope to jump in again next year with more fun goodies to share! For now, I am dragging myself to bed so I can do my statistics homework tomorrow.    



  1. I love your costume, it fits you perfectly!

    1. Thank you! I actually had people tell me they wanted me to make them one too. So, I suppose I did something right. :)

  2. Great costume! Sounds like you had a pretty terrific party, I love the coffin cake and using the vampire teeth for the forks and napkins is hysterical!