Tuesday, February 24, 2015

End of Term, upcoming birthday, sick cat, pain, upcoming projects

It seems like this term of school was going to last forever. I was unimpressed with my literature critical theory class and had some twat in my Geography class attempt to educate me while ripping me a new one in one of our units. There wasn't one bit of my discussion board post that I wrote that wasn't true, that Amanda or I hadn't researched and talked about (granted it was for writing), or that wasn't stated in the text book. This person in my class also tried to insult me and call me a racist, bible-thumping idiot without actually saying it but it was very much implied, and basically tried to bait me into an argument. They also deemed my post as being something only fitting for facebook and not a college forum. Except that I didn't rise to the occasion. And in fact, everything that wrote and how they attacked me is exactly the kind of thing she was accusing me of. My instructor tried to curb everything and diffuse the situation and had to keep trying to diffuse it as this person kept trying to bait me. Didn't happen never mind that I had a plethora of information I could have fired back at her. My instructor also, made it sound like this person does this every week.  And after sating my curiosity to see if this hunch was true... It was! This person is a snide little bitch who like to add too, or improve upon other peoples posts in our class and if there is something they don't like, she very rude.

Moving on. Like I said this is the end of this term. I am happy. So happy I can hardly contain myself. I finished all the homework that I am going to do for my lit class. I have one module of homework I could do but nope. I am tired, worn out, and tired of the bullshit of that class. I will pass and with a B so that's all I care about at this point. I do have a paper and discussion board posts to do in my geo class but I will do all of that tomorrow. 

I did take a peak at the next term's set of classes and I think I am going to like them. Bite your tongue! I know, I will probably find out that I don't like at least one class, but I think they are going to be better than my Lit class. Plus my philosophy professor sounds really freaking awesome already.

My birthday is coming up. I am going to be 31! I don't feel it, well except physically. I haven't decided that I am going to do on the actual day except for that we are going to the full moon ritual that evening. I was kind of thinking about going to Spokane for the day but Amanda and I are taking Fiona to Seattle the next week so she can go to her best friend's wedding. While there Amanda and I are going to go to the Shinto Shrine I have been wanting to go to for years! We are also going to do little bit of shopping at a metaphysical store and go back to the Uwajimaya for a little shopping there. We also want to go to the ocean and collect some water and maybe get on a ferry and go to a writer's retreat island. 

My back and hips have been bothering me pretty badly lately. My hips from sleeping too long, I think. But my back is a constant thing, it's just been a lot worse lately. 

Galen is sick and has been for awhile. He has kitty bronchitis. We basically have to shove pills down his throat and when I do it, the sneaky fucker hides it in his mouth and then spits it out under the bed. So he hasn't gotten a lot of his meds. I tried to hide his meds in food this morning but that didn't work so he and I had a little fight while I tried to get him to swallow his pills. It was a lot of growling from both of us but I think, I finally won. We just have to get him to take the rest and call in some more medication for him. 

During my break week between terms, I have a couple of projects I want to work on. I have a couple of tote bags I need to make, Amanda's purse, and both of our cloaks, and I am also going to make two shirts. I have some anime I want to catch up on, some movies I want to watch, and some books I want to read. Of course a lot of this will probably won't get finished but if I can start these projects, they will bug me until I finish them. 

But, for now I am going to bed. Its been a long day and I am tired.  

Oh one more thing! I have been feeling a pull toward fantasy stuff in general lately and have been thinking about one of my stories that just so happens to be in the fantasy genre, so maybe I might actually get some writing done too during the break. 

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