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Kansas 1861-2013 - Editorials - Hutchinson News: Sad but so very true

Kansas 1861-2013 - Editorials - Hutchinson News

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I was born and raised in Kansas. My Grandparents, on my Dad's side were both teachers. Grandma Evelyn taught 2nd grade and before that worked in one of those one room school houses. My Grandpa Hugh also taught, drove a school bus, and later because a Master Librarian for Butler County Community College. He even wrote a book about the history of the college which has since been published. My Dad worked for over 30 years as a corrections officer. My Mom is a homemaker but worked in nursing homes before I was born. Some of the best friends I have ever made in my life live in Kansas, my favorite and closest family members still live there and are struggling to survive.

Thanks to my Grandparents and my Parents, I've been on many car trips around the state to see things like the world largest hand dug well, a Swedish town, and other points of interest. There's even a small castle right in the middle of Wichita. My family has history there. My one of my Great Great Grandparents once owned most of Greenwood County and had he not made some bad investments and lost it in the depression, my life might have bee different. I don't mind that though. I think it's neat.

I will probably never live in Kansas again. I suppose this is my goodbye message. I'll return to get my the rest of my things from my parent's basement. I'll visit my family and friends when I can, but I can't move back there. I can't survive there. When my Father who has over 30 years of experience and a good deal of that in management, can't find another job other than a piddly one that doesn't really do much of anything. When the State Governor, that's you Sam Brownback, makes more cuts to education to keep the state solvent through June or July. When I could never get the proper health care that I need because the state opted out of health care and I can't afford to even go to the doctor for a cold. There's just no real point in going back and trying to make a go of it.

It is sad. I will mourn the loss of a pretty good childhood filled with exploration, wide open spaces, booming thunderstorms, driving on 235 to 96 to Highway 54 from Wichita to Augusta on summer evenings with the windows down, camping at Marion Lake, hanging out with family friends on their farm up around Russel where my Dad was born. Like Dorthy said, there really is no place like home and my home has been ruined by squabbling, political miscreants.

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  1. :( - we will visit though, honey. I was only in Kansas a short time and I really learned to love the city atmosphere of Wichita. There are definitely things that I miss too. And nothing beats a Kansas thunderstorm. ^_^