Sunday, March 8, 2015

Birthday, New Term, Water Incident, and every time I look in the mirror, I freak myself out!

My break week between terms in school wasn't so much a break as it was a whirlwind of go go go! 
The first couple of days of the break I was sick from period crap. Then my friend Fiona came up. I honestly can't remember everything we did, I know there was shopping and much running around along with some Midsomer Murders watching.
Thursday, the day of my birthday and the Crow Moon, Amanda, Fiona, and Several of our IEPG friends threw me a surprise birthday party right after our full moon ritual. It really was a surprise and what's really weird, I got the feeling that there was something going on around me but didn't know what. Mostly I felt incredibly left out of something and as soon as everyone screamed surprise at me, I knew what it was and then ran from the room. Amanda made me go back in. It was a Monster High birthday party and I loved it! 

After the small party, we went out to eat with one of our friends and Fiona. Of course we giggled and laughed and talked about having a wine and painting party, pets, inappropriate things, ect... It was fun!

Friday night I had Fiona bleach my hair because I want a little more color than just the flat black that it's been for several years. Now, I freak myself out every time I look in the mirror. I am waiting a few days to put the teal and purple in because my hair needs a break and so do the few spots of my scalp that were chemically burned. The burns weren't too bad until I scratched them, which for me, if I scratch my head too hard at all, I get a little sore. 

The new term starts tomorrow. I will have critical thinking in philosophy and the English language or rather Grammar. I've already looked them over and I will have a lot of homework this term but I am hoping things go much smoother than the last couple of terms. 

Lastly, at around 6 this morning, Narcisa decided to knock a glass of water over on me. Amanda had moved her water glass on the ledge above our bed toward my side to keep Narcisa out of it. But Narcisa only followed it and knocked it off on me. Water soaked into my pillows, the bed, and all down the front of me. That cat had better be glad that I love her because I was not happy.   

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  1. Ornery little shit! Sage and Dusty have been annoying me a lot lately. I know I sleep too much, but they sure have annoying ways of making me get out of bed. One of which is to jump up on the extra box springs I have wedged between my bed and the way. They run up and down it and then leap on the bed next to me. At least they don't leap directly on my body. Dusty will more often than not just do his creepy little sit and stare intently until I wake up thing.