Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Quick update with good news

I probably shouldn't be sitting at my desk, updating my blog, but the pain medication is helping me do that. Some of you who follow me on instagram or facebook, know that I had my hysterectomy this morning. I checked into the hospital as an out-patient at 5:30 this morning and was in surgery by 8 am. It was a two hour complete hysterectomy preformed by Dr. Mourton and her Robots- a little joke- it was robotic surgery.

Anyway, it went really well. Once I was awake, I was eating and drinking and fast to go to the bathroom. By 1:30 this afternoon, I was in the car on my way home and have been sitting on the sofa ever since. I would have gone to bed, but it is easier for me to get up and down off the sofa than to climb in and out of our high bed. Along with that, I needed to sit up after taking pain medication because once I start to doze off or fall asleep, my breathing isn't the best. I'm okay enough to be home with out oxygen, but it is still something to keep and eye on. I should be okay on that front by tomorrow morning since it has something to do with the anesthesia- or so I was told. 

So as of right now, I have been up and moving around enough to get myself to and from the bathroom and I can go without help. Moving up and down and pulling my underwear up hurts, but I can deal. I think I may have aggravated one of my incision spots at the hospital, it felt like I had a gas bubble trapped under my ribs and so I rubbed it trying to get it to start easing up. I did not know there was an incision there. But I'm sure that will pass as well. 

I'll have to write a post about the goings on this last week. I have a lot to tell, but need to get away from my desk and back on the sofa. 

So, I'm home, I made it, the offending internal equipment (or as Amanda called it  Zarcon- the villain in Voltron- has been defeated by Voltron) is out of me at last, and I am looking forward to getting some of my life back!


  1. That's sound rather normal, I did a years training in surgical theatre.(I'm no expect just have a unusual amount knowledge and dread going into surgery). Most of time laparoscopic or key surgery the inflate the admen with gas as result people feel windy, that subsides in a few days. The nice thing is it's quick, minise risk of infection and less painful. Your bound to be tender for bit time. Glad to hear everything went well. Sending all my love and best for a speedy recovery. Hope it's not been too taxings. Big hugs.

    1. Wow, that's awesome, I don't know that I could do training in surgery.

      I'm hoping that my continued moving about the house will help get the gas to ease a little more quickly. I'm also okay with feeling tender. I tend to feel tender- not that much but just about- when my herniated disk gives me trouble and the pain isn't too far off from the cramps I was having before.

      Thanks for all the love! *HUGS*