Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kettle Corn and book annoyances

Pretty much my expression last night.

So I helped my friend with her Kettle Corn stand at the farmer's market the other day. It went well for the most part. The set up and tear down takes 45 minutes each and I am just not able to do that yet. I tried, I really did, but I felt like such an ass hat for having to sit down every couple of minutes. It still makes me angry. But for the rest of it, I did okay. I got to sit and sell her kettle corn, up sell her punch cards, and I reminded her to go take a picture to post on Instagram and Facebook saying where she was to help bring herself business. 

That's the good news. The bad news is that I was exhausted by the time I got home and suspect a little heat exhaustion to be part of that. I didn't even try to sleep in bed, just stayed on the sofa. Yesterday was spent on the sofa for most of the day as well. I was tired and slept off and on through the day. I think my body needed time to recover not only physically but also because my allergies were aggravated and I was in the heat all day the day before. I do not do well in the heat and having a kettle heating the area behind you doesn't help that much.

While I was camped on the sofa yesterday evening, I decided to finish Into the Fire by Jeaniene Frost, the last in her Night Prince series. I love this series and i did enjoy the end but I was a little annoyed with the end. While I had put the book down for a week or two because I wanted to prolong the ride- I didn't remember the main character explaining so much before. That pretty much ticked me off. I was like "I know, Leila, they just said that," or "I got it, you don't have to tell me,". It was weird and I did not like the stuff with Marty. Then again, I never really liked Marty, he was annoying to me, but with that said, I did like his relationship to Leila. I think Frost could write another novel with Leila and Vlad, there are some things that were left open and unresolved, things I want to know more about.

After finishing Into the Fire, I picked up Princess Dracula by John Patrick Kennedy. This is a self published novel I found on Amazon. The risk you run with self published novels is that a lot of times they aren't edited or edited very well. I've only read three chapters and have found several typos and some grammatical errors. The pace feels a little bit rushed but I have reminded myself that it is only a 200 page novel. So far the story is interesting and I am curious to see where it goes.  


  1. I hope your next time helping out goes easier on you. Maybe after another time or two you'll be getting used to it a little better.

    1. It did go a little better. I didn't have to do as much as far as setting up and tearing down.

  2. The reason you are helping at the stand is awesome! Cheers to an October wedding. My husband and I got married at the court house almost 15 years ago and when we have a wedding it will be Dia de Los Muertos themed even though our anniversary is the 18th of Oct. We played in the yard all night of Solstice ( it was 108 during the day and I'm seriously contemplating a life in Oregon for many reasons other than weather) my kids are becoming more attuned to celebrating pagan occasions. Sun dried cloths reminds me to try again all natural dying of fabric. I hope you and Amanda have a great weekend.

    1. A Dia de Los Muertos theme is so freaking awesome!!!
      108 is just too hot! LOL I am happy with 75 degrees and no higher, lol. Oregon is beautiful, at least the parts I have seen, which is around the Portland area and Astoria area. I'm happy your kids are exploring more pagan occasions, even if they don't choose that as a path, I think learning about different ways, can only be god for you.
      I have always wanted to design and make my own fabric for sewing. One of these days I will settle down to do it.