Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girly beauty post, stuff I use.

Today I had a rather adventuresome shopping trip. Amanda and I went out to Worldmarket for awhile just because. Then we headed to my parents house to pick up an indoor electric grill to use for dinner. After that we made a run to the liquor store (there will be another blog about what we purchased there) then Dillons, and finally Wal-mart. While at Wal-mart I found this foot scrub. I happened to be in the health and beauty section and thought I needed a little treat. So far, this stuff is amazing! The scent is minute, not overpowering, and it leaves skin feeling soft. I would suggest getting it from Wal-mart because getting it from the actual company, you'll pay a little more.

Now this I picked up to try today. I've got the dreaded adult acne problem and sensitive skin. However, Aveeno has never failed me (used their body wash when I had an allergic reaction), so I thought I would give this a try as well. I'll have to keep you updated. It was also purchased at Wal-Mart.

Ivory, been around for over 125 years and I'm pretty sure my Great Grandmother used the dish soap. I, on the other hand, recently discovered the 'Simply Ivory' body wash while looking for a decent body wash on a previous shopping trip to yet again Wal-Mart. I LOVE this body wash. Typically I get something off brand or get my body wash from the Dollar Tree, but never again. This body wash leaves my skin soft, rinses clean, and doesn't have an over powering scent.
As for shampoo, never ever skip out on getting a cheap brand. In the realm of shampoo, you get what you pay for. What works best for me is the Pantene Pro V Classic Clean. I have oily hair and this just seems to do the trick. I really do love this shampoo. I typically get it in the family size from Wal-Mart. Are you sensing a trend here? I tend to shop at Wal-Mart because I'm on a budget and I can get more bang for my buck.

As for conditioners, I don't recommend buying some knock off or off brand either. Since I color my hair every couple of months or so, I use Herbal Essence's Color Me Happy. It does take a minute to rinse it from the hair but afterward my hair is so soft and easy to brush through, which for a tender headed person is important.
I don't really like body lotions or hand lotions. I'm not fond of that left over oily residue that seems to be prevalent with all lotions. However, Amanda wanted to try a body lotion since we both seem to have really dry skin in the winter months, so we tried this. It's not bad. The scent is a little stronger than I'd like, not that it's a bad combination, it's fine, I just have a sensitive nose. And it doesn't seem to have quite as much of the oily residue problem that a lot of other lotions have.

When it comes to perfumes, I don't really wear a lot. Since I am on a tight budget, I can't afford things like Tova or perfumes you would find in Dillard's or JCPenny. I like a lot of oil perfumes like Patchouli and Dragon's Blood which you can find in various places. My Mom and I get our from a little, local Metaphysical store called Journey Books and Gifts. But for those who can't find stuff of the like there is always Bath and Body works. I do find them a tad expensive but since I don't wear perfume that much, I don't mind getting a body spray/splash for their prices. I happen to like Japanese Cherry Blossom.
And now comes to my own personal aromatherapy. A company called Nippon Kodo does a line of Morning Star Incense and my absolute favorite is Sandalwood. They have other scents that are pleasing, subtle and yet still potent enough that you know it's burning. Really, this is a wonderful brand to have around. You can get it from various places, pagan or metaphysical stores might carry it, but you can find it from a ton of places online for decent prices.
Now if you want something a little stronger, Nag Champa is the ticket. Some days, when I want to get rid of the cooking smells in the house or if I know company is coming over, I'll light a stick of Nag in each room and open the windows. The scent lingers in the air for a good day or so. While it's burning it's stronger but it lightens up after awhile. Nag Champa is widely available, I'm even able to find it at a couple of local gas stations in town.

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