Thursday, June 28, 2012

Frustrated geek.

(Lennier from Babylon 5- my favorite character also played Will Robinson in the original Lost in Space)

I've had two epiphanies tonight/this morning one being that I really haven't been blogging much at all. The second was while I was posting a pic of one of my cats on facebook. I recently watched A Tale of Two Cities  
And my stupid cat had an expression that Chris Sarandon, the guy above, shows whilst playing the Sydney Carton character. Anyway, I was trying to describe which rendition the movie was and linked the guy with Alice Krige, the woman above, who played the Borg Queen in the movie 'Star Trek: First Contact' and she also played the mother of Paul Atredies in Children of Dune, I could list some other films she's been in *ehm* Silent Hill. The point is, I got miffed because the only person I know in real life and on the internet who could possibly make the connections is my father and possibly my mother. And for some reason it really bothered me that no matter how 'geeky' my friends claim to be, they just don't quite reach me and I'm not nearly as 'geeky' as I should/ could be.

One of my cousins told me over the phone that she recently got a boyfriend and he 'appreciates her geekiness'. This was pertaining to the fact that she made a skirt out of material printed with a Starwars comic book design. The skirt is 'geeky', I'll give her that, but wearing it to see the Avengers is not. That's bad taste. And she's supposed to be getting a degree in fashion/costume design... Uh huh... Honey, you're kind of an air head but I love you still.

So I got to thinking about my 'geekiness' and how much of a geek I am and I'm a little sad. I've had to con a few people into taking my Magic the Gathering playing cards off my hand in the last couple of years because I have no one to play with. Dad and I were the only people I ever knew who played the Babylon 5 card game. I have Inuyasha cards but no one to play them with either. I don't know anyone besides my parents who even knew about the Terrace game from Star Trek: The Next Generation, bought it, and played, not to mention still has it. And I haven't even started with the shows and movies and that's just Scifi stuff, I haven't even really scratched the anime, and fantasy... I'm going to stop there because my brain is starting to run away from me in bizarre directions.

In the end, the very base point is: I am a sad sad panda bear who will dance for you if you give me a quarter but my sadness, today, comes from the fact that no one has a fucking idea what I am talking about *head desk*.

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