Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The cats would tell you that they are starving.

I think if my cats had the ability to actually get on the computer or use the telephone they would tell the whole world that Skoora and I are starving them. All three of them hate the new feeding schedule. For starving cats they certainly don't eat that much when we put out their food in the morning and in the evening and if that wasn't annoying enough, they all want to eat out of each other's bowls. Galen and Ellie can't eat Yoda's food because its for diabetic kitties. Yoda can't have their food because its regular cat food.
And since none of them really eat that much they spend all day staring at me, bitching at me (yes, they really do bitch at me), and they follow me around the house, making sure to get underfoot, which is dangerous. If I lose my balance and fall not only is it going to hurt me but it might hurt them. But they are SO hungry! They are just going to have to learn to eat at meal times and not be grazers any more.

It dawned on me complete with exhausting, painful cramps why I have been so very tired the last couple of days. As much as I'm fighting to stay awake, as much as I wanted to get a few things done this afternoon, I'm going to postpone them for a few hours so I can rest and then try to tackle them when I wake up.

Also, I started reading the The Bartimaeus Trilogy at Skoora's insistence. She just kept going on and on about how good it was and wanted to tell me things but couldn't tell me much because I'd promised to read it. So, here I am, finally reading it.   


  1. And then of course you have Ellie who won't eat out of the bowl at all and wants us to put little piles of food on the floor for her -__- lol