Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vampires, Guild Wars Halloween, and Lana Del Rey

Love and Blood by Natsuki
I love this picture! Pretty Vampire, pretty boy, gothic setting, and a violin! In my 'someday' living room, I think I will have to buy this picture for the gothic/vampire theme I want to do for Fall and Winter.

Lately, I've been reading a lot of Vampire books. Well, I read the Vampire Academy novels, and Skoora bought me a couple of other vampire novels. Don't worry, I don't read just vampire novels. I read paranormal romances about dragons and urban fantasy. I'm not a big Werewolf fan, don't know why really, they just aren't my cup of tea but I do have one Werewolf book, just to try it out and give them a shot. I do need to see what other people have written after all and explore the lore- just not get lost in it. I love to research things. I can spend several hours just looking up pointless stuff.

Fun fact about me, I can usually tell you who several, if not all of the voice actors are in the anime shows I watch. Even some in the original Japanese. I'm also really good with actors from Tv shows and films. And if I can't tell you their name, I can tell you what else they have been in. I'm like that with other stuff too and a dear friend of mine calls me her IMDB. But with the other stuff I usually remember what people were wearing last time I saw them, how they had their hair, what we talked about, and so forth. See, not all of it is useless. I suppose.

Anyway, I've been listing to a few songs on You Tube this morning. Lana Del Rey: Dark Paradise Is one that I've decided goes on the writing soundtrack for the book I am currently writing. Of course I have four in the works at the moment, but Chloe's story is the one that's insisting to be written at the moment so I'm complying. But since I was depressed I wanted a 'pick me up' song so I listened to SMP Film's The Ninja Song. My friends are probably tired of me posting the crap out of this song, but I don't care, I love it! I adore Cory and his fiance Kate. They both have VLOG's and videos over on You tube. In case you're interested, it's SMP Films, Dude like hella, and Kater's17. Oh and don't forget The Mean Kitty!    

Guild Wars kicked off the Halloween festivities this week. I'm excited because for once, I finally have enough of a jump on it that I can actually get some quests done. Although, it's been a little difficult since not only has my back been hurting, but my legs and knees have been as well. I've been moving them, walking back and forth through the house. So far, I think maybe it was the chair I was sitting it. Which is a little strange since I sit in it frequently. I do think I pulled something in one of my knees though. It sucks but, what can you do? But anyway, yes, I will probably play a little guild wars today. Not for too long though, I have some other stuff I want to try to get accomplished today.