Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lots to say but...

 I have started and erased this blog post three times now. I have a lot to say, good and bad, happy and sad, but I just can't seem to decide on anything. The headache probably isn't helping.

Fall and Halloween decorations have been put away and the Christmas decorations have been brought out. Fall isn't over for me. But I decided to get out all of the winter/Christmas decorations for Skoora's Mom in effort to make her happy. I also wanted it done in one day so I wouldn't have a constant mess. That was yesterday. Today, I just need some help and the help sucks.

The happiest news I've received in a long time came today. My pseudo brother Lucas finally bought a ring for his girlfriend and proposed the right way. They want Skoora and I in their wedding as well. I am so excited for them!

My Dad and decided that we wanted to stay in the alliance we are in despite the old Alliance leader's jump to a new alliance. The old Alliance leader finally contacted me via facebook. I haven't replied yet. He also talked to me in game last night. I kept it short because I know he's just trying to get my guild to join his alliance. I just wish we could play where none of that crap mattered. Where alliance choices didn't matter.

I know this a disjointed and crappy update and I apologize, but I am just not feeling very good today.  


  1. Hi lovely, hope you are feeling bit better today. I too suffer from headaches and migraines and know how it can drag you down let alone all the other stuff going on in life! Thinking of you, Alison xx

    1. Hi! Thank you for thinking of me. I hope that your headaches and migraines have been and aren't too bad.