Monday, November 4, 2013

Today is a cooking and fight with the cat's day.

This is a Bitstrip picture I made for Skoora and I today.
Today is cooking day. No we really aren't going to add dog farts, cat hair or pickled fairy dust to our food or are we? Anyway, I'm taking a break for the moment. I've got sausage cooking on low and we have a double batch of Kaiser rolls in the first 'let rise' stage. We'll punch them down and let them rise again in a little while. Skoora is helping me out because my back and head both hurt pretty bad today. She's cutting up two green bell peppers and a large onion for the breakfast burritos. I've taken my pain meds but they never really take all the pain away and I am okay with that, so long as they take the edge off enough for me to focus and do other things.

We've been fighting with the cats today. They want whatever we are eating when we are eating it no matter what. But they aren't allowed to have our food anymore. We've got one diabetic kitty we don't need three. Oh and I've had to fight Ellie for my chair several times. She's such a punk and jumps right back up the minute I get up.

I hooked my laptop up to the TV via the HDMI cable so we wouldn't have to have my computer in the kitchen to read the Kaiser and Bierock's dough recipes. I know I should just print them off, but I don't have any ink in my printer... But I have Pandora running in the background and decided I wanted to hear a little Abney Park while we cook today. So far so good, I've liked most of what has played on this station.

I think part of the reason I have a headache is because of lack of sleep. I didn't sleep so well last night but hey, at least I was able to see the snow fall for a little while. I love snow but no one else seems to like it very much. Sadly it melted before I woke up this morning, it's still a little too warm during the day for it to stay. I might have said something about this before but I've been keeping track of my sleeping patterns and it seems that I have the most trouble sleeping during the New Moon. I also sleep like the dead during the full moon.

Yoda is yowling for me to come find him and pet him. *sigh* He's so bossy!

Last night was a really good night. I finally got to have Skoora all to myself. Sure, I live with her and she's been my girlfriend for the last six years. We spend time together but most of that time is taken up with each of us reading or writing (in the same room yes), or out running errands. Typically one of us is on the phone with a friend or relative, Skoora often gets lots of texts, and I don't really fuss or demand time with her 'completely alone' because she works and is in the middle of an MFA program. We also live with her parents for the time being so that makes it hard.

So last night, when we were in bed and the phone didn't buzz with a text, or ring, and the computers and TV were shut off (we didn't even have music playing), I was actually able to enjoy her company and converse on a lot of things. We talked about politics and national news station and how ridiculous we find them and the people who get all bent out of shape about what news station is saying what and how. We talked about our friend's politics and how they compared or were different from our own, we talked about our friends (nothing bad just how people are doing), and we talked about writing. We discussed hers and mine, certain ideas and so forth. Like I said it was really nice and I would like more of that more often but it will happen when it happens.

Well, it's time for me to get back to cooking.

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