Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm so sick! Painted Skin, Fox spirit for the win, and Egg flower soup!

Skoora caught whatever it was that is going around her work and brought it home to me. So I am sick now. It is all the yucky stuffy noses, coughing and hacking up ick, sore throat, body aches (on top of the usual crap), and then there's the fever. I've been doing battle with a fever for the last couple of days and yesterday it was particularly bad. It's been 100+ and haven't been able to get it down very much. However I did awaken sweaty this morning which was a good thing but also kind of gross. But I'm starting to get really cold again so I'll have to go take my temp and take some more Ibuprofen.

Since I have been sick, I've wanted lots of soup. I haven't exactly gotten it although Skoora did take me to Dragon House on the way home from dropping a friend off. She bought me a quart of Egg Drop soup because that's all I really wanted. I decided that we needed to the store yesterday to pick up the ingredients so I could make a big pot of it myself... We did't get it made last night but it will be made today. Or so I have been told.

A couple of months ago I saw a movie called Painted Skin: The Resurrection and loved it! Yesterday I finally got Skoora to watch it with me. It's about a Fox spirit who is freed from a 500 year imprisonment in ice for the crime of saving human life. She seeks to become human before the ice reaches her and imprisons her again and come across a scarred Princess who is in love with one of er former guards. And that is all I am going to tell you, trust me it's a good movie, with romance, action, and mythological elements. The special effects are good, the make up is good. Oh and did I mention that it ends well? 

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