Sunday, February 16, 2014

The craft bug is starting to take hold

There is some bug or another going around. One of Skoora's co-workers has been out sick for two weeks, (which anywhere else said co-worker would have already been fired). But it's not just her, another of Skoora's co-workers is sick as well and it seems that Skoora could very well have caught it too. Not cool! Not only do I not want to get sick but the two ladies who can cover for Skoora if she does fall ill pretty much bitch about having to do so, never mind that she covers for them all the time. For now, she's moping on the sofa with a cup of tea.

sweetheart neckline
I spent several days off and on in past weeks very lethargic and unable to focus on much of anything for very long. Most of that has to do with the chronic pain I deal with everyday and the rest is just from being human I suppose. Anyway, I happened across Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers and Skoora bought me the one shown above. I foresee a couple of embroidery projects coming in the near future, probably birthday presents. Which reminds me that I have blue skirt I need to finish the embroidery on. I also have a afghan I need to work on along with a couple of new crochet patterns to learn but I suspect that will take some time.

Not too long ago I became frustrated and said "fuck it, I'm just going to make some clothes that actually fit right". Of course I have to learn how to expand patterns and I have a few that I bought in the largest size when Joann crafts had a five patterns for five dollars kind of deal. My first project will be a halter top since Skoora thinks I look good in them and I really like the sweetheart neckline. I'm pear shaped, small shoulders and wide-ass hips, and well you know a ginormous badunkadunk doesn't help. Thank you Great Grandma Ester, your genetics have made clothes shopping really crappy since I was 13.

Today I had a coupon for Joann's crafts and decided that I needed to try and get out of the house for a little bit despite how much my back was hurting. For the last couple of days every time I turn around literally and figuratively, I've managed to hurt my back, something shifts, something snaps, it's really hard to describe, and for the instant it happens I'm flooded with pain and want to cry and vomit, and when the pain subsides a little I just feel exhausted. So, in effort to keep me from wallowing in bed all day, I forced myself out and used the coupon on a pad of scrap booking paper. I was able to get two yards of material for another shirt as well since fabric was 40% off but that's for another time. I really like this pad of paper, it's my favorite color, green, and I think I am really going to enjoy making cards and other little things with it. 


  1. I love that new paper you got and yes, I definitely do think you look with halter style tops ^^ I'm excited to see some homemade clothes on you, I think you'll really love having something tailored <3

  2. Ooooh I love sweetheart necklines! So jelly of your crafting ability!

    1. I like them too. I think I like v-necklines on me as well. I don't have a long neck so anything to make it look a little long helps. Don't be jealous, join me!