Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter with a catchy tune called Bipolar Easter Bunny. Not for little kids.

I watch a youtube vlogger named Cory Williams a.k.a Mr. Safety and have been for years. He does comedy, positive messages, silly things, and even songs! He also has a channel for his cats, don't know if you've ever heard of The Mean Kitty Song, if not, it's really cute and you should go check it out! Be careful when watching his music videos, most of his music is uber catchy! I've had songs stuck in my head for days, not that I mind. Anyway, his most recent is the Bipolar Easter Bunny. I wouldn't show it to little kids, personally, at least without viewing it myself first. Watch out this one is a catchy tune too! Happy Easter!!!

We've been busy this past week. We've had company, run errands, gone to appointments... I'm a little more than worn out but I still have so much to do even today that I don't dare take a break. Most of today's work is all on the computer. A friend will be coming over this evening for supper and Easter egg dying. Yes, we still do that. I have some plastic eggs that I want to paint. Oh wait, I have a ton of laundry to do, bleh. Next week there are three trips to Spokane scheduled and there might possibly be a fourth, not sure how that's going to work out yet though. I might also have to cancel one of my trips on account of gas. Oh and I have to jump start my homework next week.

In going to the Full Hare Moon ritual with another friend, we both met a really sweet woman. At least I thought she was really sweet and warm. I'm beginning to think that she used me as a gateway to my other friend. Which is fine in some respects and not fine in others. On one hand I am happy that my friend is meeting new people and making new friends. Actually, I love that because she is so lonely and being stuck in a small semi-isolated town in the mountains unable to drive, makes things very difficult. But on the other hand, I just wish people were honest with me. I never would have let said new person hug me much less exchanged e-mail addresses with her had I known she was just using me to get to my friend. Further more, this person kind of weirded me out a little, she was really huggy and kept petting my friend's arm. She asked permission first, and I chalked it up to "my family has never been very touchy so it;s something I'm not really used too" but I don't know, maybe I'm just a little annoyed and also kind of worried for my friend. There's some other stuff that I learned about this person through her profile on another site but that's really personal information that, while public, I don't feel at liberty to tell. No, I didn't go look her up (I'm not that paranoid), we are on the same site and she added me. All I know is that she had better not hurt my friend.

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