Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't stop rockin your right to fright! School, books, and a Jeep!

We recently bought (splurged when we really shouldn't have) Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! I've seen it twice and even though I figured out the plot pretty quickly (I generally tend to do that with most movies and even books), I really really liked it. But then again my favorite character is Draculara. Anyway, the song has been stuck in my head for the last couple of days and it would probably help if I quit listening to it... But it's so damned catchy!

My college called again. This time it was my personal adviser. Apparently one of my classes is really heavy and not a lot of fun so she wants to see if we can change it around. I don't know why, I am going to have to take it anyway. It's one of the required. I called her back but she was out of the office so I am waiting to hear back from her. I'll just see what she has to say and see what else we can do. I need to know soon so I know what books I need and how much they are going to cost. 

*edit: I just got off the phone with my adviser. She is really great and wanted to tell me about a different math class that is so much better. There's a wait list so we decided to just put me in a fiction workshop instead and do the new math class at a later date. Works for me! (excited!)

Speaking of books, I am reading one called Witch Fire. I actually read the 2nd book first (because I invariably seem to read the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in a series before the 1st. To curb that, I've been checking books online before I buy them or borrow them from the library). I didn't really like the style or the voice in the 2nd book and I didn't really like it in the 1st book. I probably won't like it in the 3rd and 4th either, but what I do like about this series are the ideas and plot line. It's really interesting and not something I have seen before. 

As for my jeep. Skoora's Dad insisted that we take it to a dealership to have it checked. The exam for the car was supposed to have been free. Or so I understood it. They lied. They also didn't seem to find anything wrong (because my jeep is a little brat and behaved perfectly for them). So they changed out some filter and the whole shenanigan cost a little over $100. Really? Whatever... Also they ran my gas down so now I have to come up with some gas money or I can't even use the car to see if they actually fixed the problem. 

I am all over the place today. I kind of feel like I just need to step away and take a nap (I didn't sleep very well last night, I have lots of nights where the chronic physical pain keeps me awake or wakes me up and you know what, it really sucks). Unfortunately, that nap is just not going to happen.

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