Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Peppermint Tea, Waking Heartburn, and We're going to be back at the Kroc Center soon.

I take antacids on regular basis and actually started having trouble with heartburn and acid reflux when I was in high school. Of course then I didn't really think much of it except what a pain in the ass it was. Now, I am a little more concerned. My Grandma and my Dad both had problems with heartburn and hiatal hernia and I am more than a little worried that I might develop the same problem. 

Last night while I was doing some reading for my witchy blog, I read that peppermint leaves are really good for heartburn. I am so glad that I happened to read that because I awoke a little after 3:30 am coughing and choking on heartburn. It was so awful and my throat still hurts. I drank two cups of milk and sat up for a little bit reading. Then, when I went back to bed, I propped my pillows up and while those two efforts didn't stop the heartburn, it helped enough for me to get some sleep. Unfortunately I still woke up tired and still had some heartburn but nothing like last night. 

I asked Skoora if we had any peppermint tea (because I am sometimes a compulsive tea buyer) and we do! She made me a cup. I don't know if it is going to work but I am certainly drinking it. Oh and I also saw the apple cider vinegar works for heartburn as well. I'm not sure if we have any of that left... I'll have to check the fridge next time I go into the kitchen. 

Skoora and I applied for a scholarship (a discounted membership) to the Kroc Center. It's like the YMCA only run by the Salvation Army. Anyway, they have two swimming pools, a river walk, and two large areas full of exercise equipment, a recording studio, a play area for kids, a couple of smaller gyms, and some class rooms along with a church sanctuary. There's more in the building, but it's a lot to list. Anyway, we were approved for the membership and instead of paying 60 dollars a month we'll be paying 21 dollars a month. I almost talked Skoora out of it because it is just one more bill, one more worry and headache. But she is looking for another job and we are hoping that using to Kroc Center will help me get physically stronger so that I may return to work and  not hurt myself any further. 

On a side note, I read a little bit to Skoora last night before we went to sleep. She doesn't really like romance novels but I happen to really enjoy them and enjoy them so much that I want to make a career in writing them. Anyway, this particular one I was at yet another sex scene. (I swear the two main characters spend most of their time having sex. There is less plot and more sex) Skoora didn't really like it and frankly, I was pretty annoyed with it to. I keep reminding myself that I love the story idea but don't like the style of writing or the voice. Also, Skoora thinks it would be much more effective to just say  "She came" than to explain in three sentences that she came. I agree with that too, at least in this case, especially in this case. I kind of feel that if I wanted to read almost constant sex, I'd go read some fan fiction that catered to specifically to that or just read straight up erotica. (frankly, there's fan fiction out there that's far better than this) 

Also, I don't feel like some of these sex scenes are very realistic. I feel that the author kind of went overboard with the scenes and the descriptions. It's just... Well, when I read that they are about to have sex, I sigh ad hope that it's over quickly. I just want to finish the book and get on to the next one. I know I could quit reading it, but I am hooked enough and really interested in the plot idea enough, to begrudgingly stick it out. 

I will say this, I feel that if you are going to write romance novels contemporary, urban, paranormal, historical or otherwise, you have got to find a balance between the sex and the plot else you are just going to leave people like me dissatisfied.     


  1. You probably know this already, but milk can actually cause acid reflux - because of all the acids and proteins in milk. Half a tea spoon of baking soda in half a glass of water is an instant fix, but should not be overused.

    1. Actually no, I did not know that. My Friend (pseudo brother), Lucas told me a couple of years ago that milk is a base and stops heartburn. But it always came back. So, yeah, that makes since. I am going to have to try your baking soda and water mixture! Thank you!